Linares 6 – Final Update!!!

Linares Six
The Final Day

dsc07188.JPGThey say it never rains in Chile in the summer. Well, today it certainly rained a cold rain in Linares! So, being flexible, we attacked the inside. The tile man asked us not to work on the bathroom ceiling while he was still there so that is not finished. Just as we were finishing all we could do, the sun came out and it started to warm up. After lunch we were able to continue painting the outside. We were able to paint the entire front and the poured columns on the visible side. The bricks had already been sprayed a yellow. We leave tomorrow. Not all the work we wanted to do was completed but that is the way a Vision for Chile trip goes every year. If only we had a few more people we would have been able to do more but there still would have been unfinished tasks. Tasks seem to multiply! We are all tired and weary but had a blast! We can hear the girls outside playing as we wait to go to dinner. At times we can even hear the lion down the street let out a roar! (There is a zoo within walking distance that only costs a 1,000 pesos ($2.00 but who had time to go.) Sunday we could have gone but were too tired. We also could have gone horse back riding.

The time really flies down here. It seems like we just arrived but when we look at how different the building looks we realize we put in eight hard days of work. At noon tomorrow the bus comes to take us back to the Hogar to join the rest of the team. It will be exciting to see all of the work they have done. Then on Thursday, we will take the bus to Vina Del Mar for our much needed rest. Continue to keep us in prayer for safe travels.

dsc07217.JPGWe just returned from a special dinner thanking us for our work. Ruth, Rafael, Patricio (a worker from their church and another school) and Elba (our cook) joined us. We have almost grown as close to them as we have to our team mates. Patricio is a tireless worker who is willing to do any job. Elba (who is a seamstress by trade) spent hours in the kitchen preparing delicious Chilean dishes.

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