Working Hard, Having Fun

Work, work, work. We are now in our fourth day of service, and everyone is working very hard. It is exciting to see walls going up, the play area painted, and new offices being built. But it is especially exciting to see the camaraderie build, and the teamwork amongst all. Anything to get the work done!
Tuesday night we were invited to visit the dorms.

There are eight dorms with about seven girls per dorm, so we split up into groups. The girls fed us dinner of spaghetti and vegetables, and we brought brownies and cookies for dessert. We also laughed a lot and played a lot of games. They shared their achievements about their schoolwork. We noted that they were very hungry for adult acceptance and affection, and for some, it was evident that there was much hidden hurt.
But there was also evidence of closeness and much love amongst each other. They were a delight to watch!
Friday we will be attending a benefit hosted by the orphanage. Saturday the local Christian and Missionary Alliance churchis throwing us a party, honoring us for our hard work. Stayed tuned, there is more to come! img_0302.jpg

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