Another new year begins for the House of Hope!

Wow!  I can’t believe that the House of Hope is preparing to celebrate its third birthday this month. I can remember when it was only a dream, a prayer request. Thank you Lord for answered prayer. Thank you Lord for meeting our needs. Thank you Lord for a dedicated staff that has worked so hard to prepare the young women of the House of Hope to serve the Lord and lead an independent life. Thank you Lord for each of the young women who are at the HoH and for those that have come and gone. Thank you Lord for “all “of our supporters, who have prayed for us, served with us and have sacrificially given of their finances so that the HoH can operate month to month. Thank you for the awesome interns that you have sent to us. They have made such a difference to our ministry!

As the Founder and Director of Vision for Chile / House of Hope, I am in awe at what the Lord has done. I just want to say with a humble heart, Thank you Lord! Happy Birthday House of Hope!

        Tom Orme, Executive Director. Vision for Chile              

Another new year begins for the House of Hope!  I wish that all of you could have been there for the ribbon cutting, dedication ceremony and the pledge that each of the girls made that very first day.  I went down to represent the Advisory Board of Vision for Chile.  There have been growing pains and things that have not gone as we anticipated.  We North Americans sometimes have problems understanding the Chilean culture (as they have problems understanding us)!  We have had girls become the first in their families to complete high school!  We are preparing for our first graduate with a degree beyond high school!

I am so excited about what God has in store for the House of Hope in the years to come!  October will see the near completion of the expanded dormitory, micro-business and training space.  The number of volunteers working with the House of Hope as grown exponentially!

I am also excited about the progress that is being made on the new Vision for Children!  Same ministry, expanded vision!  God is really working!  Come join us in October, February or both!

Bob Howen, President, Vision for Children

Thank you so much for the greetings and kind wishes.  We thank God because He is over all things and our ministry is based on Christ.  We thank everyone: all friends, families, churches, companies that make sacrifices with us and believe that education can change the future of our young women and that God is the perfect balance.  This third anniversary gives us more strength to continue advancing in our main objective which is to show Christ’s light by means of education and give hope to more young women in the near future.  Continue praying for us, for those who are leading the ministry, for the current and future young women who have taken the difficult path of fighting against the current of “normal” statistics of our reality in La Pintana – Chile, which is the lack of education (only about 30% finish high school), the situation of extreme poverty, violence, and addictions.  On this difficult path we try to encourage them with love, discipline, and perseverance.  We know that they can overcome this, be resilient in this very conflictive environment, and lastly be a support to the society by most importantly being another light and witness of peace.

        Daniel Trujillo, Executive Director NGO Vision por Chile  






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