We are the Church

This is a video of our mission in our community painting the C&MA La Granja Girls’ Home. A 64-member team working together to say, “We are the Church.” thanks to W.R.


VIDEO Update “We need your help”


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Claudia my Chilean daughter


Claudia Gutierrez On Saturday, June 21, 2014, I was honored to be the “father of the bride.”  Approximately seventeen years ago, I met a beautiful twelve-year-old girl by the name of Claudia Gutierrez.  She was living at the Hogar La Granja in La Pintana, Santiago, Chile.  She lived there for fifteen years.  Claudia was very special to me, and became my Chilean daughter.  At age eighteen, she left the Hogar and for six years, we lost track of each other.  At age twenty-five, we reconnected.  She came to live at the House of Hope (HOH).

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Mission Trip to Chile 2012

When Johnny, David and I arrived the start of week two, I was surprised to see that there were almost as many of us as all of team one. With a 90ft X 25ft 2 story multi purpose building to be built, it got me wondering if it was even remotely possible. Then I looked out back of the HOH and saw the first story of the building was nearly complete. How did they do that? I asked myself. Then I learned that dozens of volunteers showed up that Saturday. Thank GOD for volunteers.
We started in on Monday finishing the first floor and laying out the wall plates for the second floor. (Thanks Bill) TO informed me that there were 30 or more volunteers coming again this Saturday and that I needed to make sure we had plenty for them to do. We got the second floor walls up and prepared for the arrival of the Saturday warriors. Saturday was awesome.
We got the ceiling joists in and got a good start on sheathing the outside walls. The volunteers carried all the lumber to the building to prepare for the NIDO kids who were coming for all of week three. I love volunteers. Team two arrived as team one flew back to the states. Tom was excited to introduce me to our team two members. All four of them.
All female. I said, Wowbbbbbbbbb. A lot of prayers. I need to really pray. HELP!!!!
We started in on Monday morning and I soon realized that I was working with one of the best teams ever. These girls out worked my guys. The NIDO kids arrived and Noel and Rachael took half the kids and started digging a sewer ditch, about 100ft of sewer ditch. David and Johnny took the rest of the students to the building and it was like magic. I couldn’t believe my eyes. God really does answer prayers. They dug and hammered and dug and hammered and dug. Well, you get the picture. I rotated the teens so they could do different jobs. What a good bunch. They all have an awesome work ethic. And I’m not just saying that because their teachers were watching. Friday came and we said our thank-yous and gave our hugs and finished getting ready for our Saturday volunteers. Did I mention. I love volunteers. That Saturday we got up the roof rafters, finished the wall sheathing, painted in the caretakers house, and started putting the building wrap on. Over 50 volunteers that day. Thank you Jesus! Week four we finished up all that was started. Roof on, caretakers house painted, grounds cleaned up, new sewer pipe burried. Several other small projects were also done while we were there. Thanks crewb!!!     Thanks HOH girls for your help on the final push. Awesome job!!
Feb.-Mar. 2013 we will be back at it with pluming, electric, windows and siding. Come on down and see GOD at work big time. Come bless the HOH girls and the HOH staff. Bless the kids from the orphanage and the kids from the feeding program. I guarantee you will have fun, good fellowship, and a changed heart.
 Tio Chocolate

Why do you go to Chile every year?

The question comes up periodically – Why do you go to Chile every year?

Debby went on her first short-term missions trip to Ecuador while Bob was still working.  Two things kept Bob from going with her – his job and the fact it was a trip for women only!  Bob retired from his job in 2000 and, using his new-found free time, got involved with Poplar Point Alliance Camp, a small Christian camp in Alabama.  This ministry fit well into their belief that the youth are the future of the church.  Since 2000, we have spent many wonderful hours working at this camp!

In 2004, our church wanted to get more “involved” in short-term missions.  Tom Orme came and shared about Vision for Chile, an organization that ministered to girls at the Hogar la Granja in La Pintana, Santiago, Chile.  This ministry fit in very well with our desire to work with youth and so we joined with three others from our church and traveled to Chile for two weeks.  Working with Vision for Chile can truly soften a heart of stone!  I like to tell people that my heart is in Chile with these young girls that have been through so much in a short period of time.  That first year we built a duplex home for 20 girls.  Most of all, we were able to interact with the girls and share the love of Christ with them.

Since that first trip to Chile, we have returned every year, sometimes for two weeks and sometimes for four.  We have been blessed to work with two different Hogars, a school and churches.  We have pounded nails, run conduit, wired buildings, worked on plumbing, hung drywall, mixed concrete, laid block, helped with Vacation Bible School, cooked, shopped and a myriad of other tasks!  The best task of all is working with the youth of Chile. We have worked with children who literally live on the streets and those at the hogars whose families live in all sections of Santiago, including the finest.  What is the common need for each and every one of them?  A personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ!  Many of those we work with have experienced things we cannot even begin to imagine and need the healing power only Christ can provide.  We get to see many of the same girls each year.

One other reason for returning each year is working with great people.  It is surprising how quickly you grow close to the team!  At the end of two-weeks, you feel as if they are family!  When you return to Chile, it is as if you never left!  We also have the opportunity to work with great Chilean families!  Daniel and Jessica Trujillo truly have a heart for sharing Christ!  We have worked with them first at the Hogar la Granja and then at the House of Hope.  They are gifted of God!

We would encourage each of you to get more involved with missions.  There is a mission’s trip out there that will fit you to a “T”!  We would love to have you and your church come to Chile with us!  Oh, yes, why do we go to Chile every year?  God has called us to this ministry!




It’s time to build again! Please help us make a difference in La Pintana! The Lord has called us to build a multipurpose building with additional dorms and a micro-business to prepare for our future growth. We need both skilled and unskilled laborers – plumbers, electricians, etc. We need people of all ages, men, women and teenagers. We need people to help cook. Come for two weeks or stay for a month!

TEAM 1: Leave the US on October 6th, 2012
Return to the US on October 21st, 2012

TEAM 2: Leave the US on October 20th, 2012
Return to the US on November 4th, 2012

If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact Tom Orme by emailing tomorme@visionforchile.org or calling him at 615-599-4208 (h), 615-973-9837 (c).