Personal Notes from Workers

Here are words from some of the rest of the team (I told them to keep it short):

Hi to my family, I love you all. Miss you too. Having a wonderful time, working in the kitchen. There are 6 of us, and only 5 are crazy. Do you know who the one is not? Continue reading “Personal Notes from Workers”

Hogar de Menores, Linares, Chile


Nestled in the foothills of the snowcapped Andes, is approximately 40 acres of land being developed for ministry to homeless boys, typically 4-14 years of age. Several years ago, “Vision for Chile” organized a team of North American short-term missionaries that came to this site and built a school. TodayContinue reading “Hogar de Menores, Linares, Chile”

Future Buildings?


The air is quite brisk this morning. Before heading over to the breakfast hall, I thought I’d get this email ready to go just in case there’s a chance to get it out today. Immediately following breakfast, Tom is taking a few of us over to the boy’s orphanage in Linares, about a 4 hour drive. The purpose of the trip is to survey the area a talk about plans to build a gymnasium. Tom is asking for prayer about this because he doesn’t know if this might be one of the projects God would have him to accomplish next year.

Pray for our trip and experience with the boys today.

We hope you all have a God-filled day finding joy in His presence in all you do today!

In His Service,

Larry Hillhouse
With team two – Vision for Chile

One Little Girl


I praise God for the energy he’s given us to get through another day.

During worship this morning, Scott read Job 1:20-21 tying it to the song “Blessed be Your Name”…. “You give and take away, You give and take away, my heart will choose to say Lord, blessed be Your name.”

Bob shared a short testimony/devotional and Chuck Hull led us through a time of prayer.

Chuck Bushey announced this is safety awareness day because we’re all tired! Fortunately, there were no accidents reported today- praise the Lord!

During lunch today, our ladies of the kitchen staged a walk-out since Tom Orme refused to meet their demands. They wanted 1 hour off everyday with a $20 cash bonus for personal shopping needs. This is undoubtedly the work of Peggy Rodgers, leader of the Long Beach Ornery Society. She’s been holding secret talks with our head cook, “Valerie”. Showing signs of spending too much time with Peggy, Valerie announced during dinner that the food quality was going to diminish if we didn’t improve on our methods of cleaning up
after ourselves.

On the serious sideContinue reading “One Little Girl”

Rain! Rain!!! RAIN!!!


RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! – All through the night. This was not in the forecast! I was awakened several times by showering rain. I’d like to know who prayed for the weather because I believe both our prayers have been answered. I actually prayed yesterday that God would do something about the severe dust problem. There is so much construction throughout the entire city due to a major subway project. That and the dust from the worksite have challenged our sinuses beyond relief. Tom and I have almost completely lostContinue reading “Rain! Rain!!! RAIN!!!”