March 2015 Mission Trip Update

Update # 3

HOLA! Once again this is Tanya Evenson from Belle Plaine, MN filling in for Tom in Santiago, Chile to tell you what is going on down here at the House of Hope.


Monday was a very exciting day for the team. We had the great privilege of talking to the 8th grade students of Forjadores Del Futuro School. As Kerry shared his testimony, it was clear it was touching the heart of the teacher. As he finished, the teacher said to his students “Right now I am speaking to you as a person, not your teacher. I am 33 and have spent too much time focusing on the money and the present. I must think about my future and focus on God.” PRAISE be to GOD!!! Kerry then shared more of his story and it was clear that his words were moving in the hearts of the children. Some of them had tears in their eyes as they listened. May the seeds Kerry planted in those children  grow and bear much fruit for the Kingdom.

Tuesday the team took a break and headed up the Andes Mountains. What a sight to behold! We drove part way up and then stopped and we rented horses and climbed further. It is an incredible experience to see God’s landscape from such an altitude.

Wednesday was back to business as usual working on the buildings. In the afternoon, we opened the gates to the neighborhood children for Vacation Bible Study. We taught about 45 kids how Jesus called his first disciples. Matthew 4:18-22


On Thursday we reopened the gates and did VBS all over again. This time about 20 children who were ready to hear the gospel. We taught them about sowing seeds.  Mark 4:26-29. Although the numbers were smaller, we believe more seeds were sown.

And for the record Tio Tom is a big meanie pants and forced me to keep a 3 page update of all the amazing things we are doing down to just 1 page. Be Blessed!


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