HOLA! This is Tanya Evenson from Belle Plaine, MN filling in for Tom in Santiago, Chile to tell you all about what we at the House of Hope have been up to this week.

Thursday, armed with a lunch carefully prepared by the House of Hope girls and Kerry Mitras’ pockets full of gum, we shared the day with our neighbors Hogar Caro. The day was full of good food, soccer, football, and learning new games like La Chapa Y La Peste and Red Light/Green Light. The entire place was filled with the joy of the Lord displayed through the children’s twinkling eyes and gum filled smiles.


On Friday the House of Hope hosted the No Talent Talent Show where lots of talent and non-talent alike took the stage. A special shout out to Bob Howen for his solo rendition of the Smother’s Brothers (see CasaEsperanza HouseofHope on Facebook for a video), Kerry for his awe inspiring card trick and Nicole for her magic show that would have even David Copperfield scratching his head. Oh and a shameless plug for my epic guitar performance with Anais and Yasna of “Open My Eyes To Your Heart” after only 2 guitar lessons.


Saturday morning about 35 reinforcements arrived from NIDO and San Marcos Church. With the additional people we were able to get rooms prepared to paint, a tree moved, a ditch dug and a chicken coop expanded. Thank you to the volunteers from NIDO and San Marcos Church. It is through your support and the faithfulness of people like yourselves that we are able to accomplish for these girls much more than we would have accomplished on our own. THANK YOU!

On Sunday we attended San Marcos Church and heard Pastor Sam give a fantastic teaching on Luke 10:25-37 reminding us who our neighbor really is. Following church we had lunch, shopped and took the scenic route back to House of Hope taking in all of the beautiful landscape.

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