Update Team VFC

As I am writing this update, I am sitting on the plane waiting to take off in Charlotte. Dick, Lee and Bob have departed leaving Tom and Kerry to continue the march!

The work continued in preparing the rooms in the new building for painting. It is surprising how much time the little details take. The area around the windows had drywall, metal corner bead and “mud” applied. Tile was put on the floor of the kitchen area and the walls of two of the bathrooms. Drywall patches put in where door sizes changed and most of the “rough” areas given a smoothing last cost of mud – along with much sanding! We had two ladies out from the San Marcos Church who did above and beyond in cleaning up the messes we were making! Looking at Lee reminded me of “being whiter than snow.”

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Crown College Team Chile Update #1:

Hello friends and family,

First of all we would like to thank you all for your many prayers and support throughout our preparation, journey, and now ministry. After a very long period of traveling and desperately running through airports because we thought we were going to miss our plane, we arrived in Santiago Monday around nine in the morning. It was the first international flight for many on our team and I think as a whole we can say it was pretty rough. Tom, the Casa Esperanza (House of Hope) director and a young woman in residence, Nicole welcomed us with open arms at the airport and not much longer we arrived in the neighborhood of La Pintana. We met most of the amazing young women right away and even though each of us only know little of the others language, we make communication work quite well and we look forward to forming friendships with them in the days to pass. Also on our first day we took tours around the neighborhood and grounds to become familiar with the people and environment.


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Bringing hope and healing into the darkness

DSC00718How I love to be in Your presence, with Your people singing praises

I love to stand and rejoice…lift my hands and raise my voice.

…..I think the song goes something like that.

I recently returned from a week in the House of Hope in La Pintana, Santiago Chile. I was able to visit with special people that I had known from my previous trips to Chile.

We were greeted as family and included in all the activities that were going on at the House of Hope. From giving my testimony to washing dishes and sharing God’s love to some very special women to being prayer over at a late night Good Friday service and the blessing of spending Easter Sunday with Daniel and Jessica and their wonderful girls. Continue reading “Bringing hope and healing into the darkness”

March 2015 Mission Trip Update

Update # 3

HOLA! Once again this is Tanya Evenson from Belle Plaine, MN filling in for Tom in Santiago, Chile to tell you what is going on down here at the House of Hope.


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HOLA! This is Tanya Evenson from Belle Plaine, MN filling in for Tom in Santiago, Chile to tell you all about what we at the House of Hope have been up to this week.

Thursday, armed with a lunch carefully prepared by the House of Hope girls and Kerry Mitras’ pockets full of gum, we shared the day with our neighbors Hogar Caro. The day was full of good food, soccer, football, and learning new games like La Chapa Y La Peste and Red Light/Green Light. The entire place was filled with the joy of the Lord displayed through the children’s twinkling eyes and gum filled smiles.


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