Polydeck Chile Ltd. Caring Committee


“We are thankful for having the opportunity to help you, we are thankful for being part of an organization that encourages us to help you. Many times in the middle of the daily activities we are not able to see beyond our own problems and to understand how complex the situation could be for someone else; specially for kids and young adults who at young age face the sometimes harsh situations of the real world. But suddenly for many of us, being close to you one Saturday let us also be close to ourselves and see in your eyes the kind of thankfulness that we must feel in our own lives where we have everything we need and sometimes more, and also provide to our loved ones what they need and let them have a better life… in conclusion THANKS, because when helping you we also get help. Because your thankfulness made us more thankful and by letting us be part of your work we are helping and we learn how to be better human beings.”

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