Final Update Vera


I am back in Germany for two weeks now and I really miss the time I had at House of Hope. When I arrived in July one of the girls told me that they could be my new family for this three month and I did not believe her. I thought that it would be difficult be become a part of their group, but I was wrong! After a few weeks, or maybe days I noticed that the girls are not simply living together, they actually are a family! And they made it easy for me to become a part of it. The work of the whole ministry is incredible and it is a special pleasure for me that I had the opportunity to work with them. Continue reading “Final Update Vera”

Internship Update.

Hello, my name is Vera Arenz, I am 20 years old and I am from Cologne, Germany. After my student exchange (6 month) in 2013/14 in Chile I was always sure about returning to this beautiful country after finishing school in Germany. A few month ago I finshed school and here I am! Three weeks ago I arrived in Santiago de Chile to live in the House of Hope and to work in the orphanage La Granja and hogar Caro as a volunteer. It is always funny to play with the children: climbing trees, jumping the jump rope, ride bikes or play volleyball or hide and seek.


Continue reading “Internship Update.”