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Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you all so much for your encouragement, prayers and support for our family and for the ministry we support, Vision for Chile, over the past year.  What an unbelievable year it has been!  We are in constant awe of the miracles and blessings that take place on a daily basis as we work with this ministry in Chile. It’s because of the generosity and commitment of people like you that young one’s lives are being changed in La Pintana, Chile.  What a blessing for us to witness this change!  Social class barriers are being broken, poverty is declining and generational abuse is lessening.  We are seeing more children learning about the love of Christ, and living for Him in the midst of their sometimes dismal circumstances.  We are seeing young ladies in the House of Hope growing in their faith, learning English, healing from their past wounds, working towards their university education, and mentoring other children who come from similar backgrounds.


But there’s still more work to be done.  Our goal, at Vision for Chile, is to add at least 4 more young ladies to the House of Hope in 2013.  We are also working towards reaching out to more ministries, schools and churches to grow the number of children we are assisting, which is currently more than 500.  If you have been touched by this ministry or feel led to help, it’s still not too late to make a year-end, tax deductible donation.  Please consider sponsoring a House of Hope girl and help us continue to add more young ladies into the program in the future.  You may visit our website or click at Donate for more information.  


Also, please take a moment to watch our family video.  Thank you!  We wish you all the best for an amazing 2013!


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God Bless You!

The Galatoire’s

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