Update 2

Well, it is Wednesday of week two and here we are writing the second update!  Saturday saw a great team of volunteers come out and help.  Half went to the feeding program and half helped with construction!  Some put up blocking and joist hangers, some replaced tar paper and many brave and hardy souls helped continue digging the trench for the electric.  Saturday did not see the trench completed but Monday did!  Just when we thought that the digging was done, we had to expand the “camaras” or underground pull boxes to accommodate ones that are made “on-site” rather than prefab.  Tuesday found us digging even more.  Did we mention that this is the hardest, rockiest dirt known to man?

Tuesday night we went to the feeding program and sang, played games and ate with the children there.  The girls of the House of Hope made 100 empanadas for everyone.  They were “muy rico”!  The game time saw the group divided into four teams, captained by Tom, Lee, David and Bob.  We won’t go into which team won!


Today we were able to start filling in the ditch!  First we put four-inches of sand in the ditch, then the three-inch conduit, then four more inches of sand, then brick.  We are at this point for about 30 feet of 200 feet.  Next comes more sand on top of the brick and two more conduits and more sand and more brick.  Then we can fill what is left with dirt (and rock).  Jose is going to finish the last two camaras tomorrow.

We have even more volunteers coming this Saturday.  Our prayer is to get that ditch filled in, the rest of the joist hangers installed, tar paper finished, all of the girls rooms painted and have some working with the children at the feeding program!  The volunteer are fantastic!


Tomorrow we are going to Isle Negra and visit the poet’s house.  We need the break after all the digging!  Pray that we can get much done Friday and Saturday!  We may not get completed all that we set out to do.  The container is much cleaner (thanks to Lee who was searching for a missing part to a hole saw set).  Many changes were made to the main electric at the request of the engineer doing the electric drawings.  We will get our final update out after our return to the good old USA!  Pray also that we can sleep on the flight home Saturday!


The Team

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