Update 1

Update 1

It is hard to believe that this is Friday of week 1 and we have not produced an update!  There is both good and bad about small work teams!  Last February, the team was Tom Orme, Lee Meier and Bob Howen.  This year we have added David Hewitt!  With the smaller teams we get to spend more individual time with not only the team members but also the girls of the House of Hope!  With the smaller team it is harder to do things like write updates!

We came this year with the goal of having the space for the micro-business space completed when we leave.  It will most likely be usable but not necessarily completed.  We have run into the “February” in Chile.  It seems as if that is the month when everyone that you need to talk with is on vacation at the beach!  We have managed to begin the electrical work and complete many of the interior walls on both the first and second floors.  We have three Chilean brothers who provide help – Jose, Ito and Pablo.  We also have spent two days digging in order to bury the electric to the new building and also to repair some work that the new engineer says is dangerous.  The digging is not done!

We have the first of our two Saturday volunteer days.  More than 35 people are coming to work with us either at the construction or at the feeding program.  Last October their help made all the difference!  Today, Daniel went to the Sodimac (think Home Depot or Lowes) and rented a “conga” or jack hammer.  With this we may just be able to get the rest of the ditch dug tomorrow!  You will have to check the next update to find out!

We have welcomed three new girls into the House of Hope – Vale, Paulina and Inez.  Stephi, Claudia, Dami and Cynthia are still here.  We miss Lissette as she is still in the United States and returns here the day after we return home.  Lest I forget, the girls have also been working with us, including digging the rocky ground!

Pray for health as our intern, Diane, has been sick the past few days.  She was here since August working with the girls and work teams.

Pray for the girls for the coming school year.

Pray for Daniel, Jessica and Anais as baby sister Maite is due this month.

Pray for continued safety as we work here.

Pray for our families back home.

Until next time!

The Team

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