Why do you go to Chile every year?

Question from Casa esperanza to Kerry Miltras: why you coming to Chile and the House of Hope this October?
Hola Daniel, You ask why I am coming to Chile and the House of Hope this October. The answer is because God has asked me to. Through my prayers he has revealed to me his purpose for my life. To serve. Sounds simple, but I can tell you that it is very difficult.
It’s hard to leave my family for three weeks. It’s hard to raise the money to come. It’s hard to miss three weeks of work. It’s hard to be away from my home church for three weeks. But it’s not all hard. Its easy to see the joy and love in the kids we serve. It’s easy to meet up with good friends like you and Tom Orme and Lee and Lee, just to name a few. Serving at the orphanage and the HOH has changed my life. I am truly blessed to be involved. God is good!
I encourage your readers to join us this October. God blesses our efforts and you can see the results in the lives that are changed forever. It’s not easy, but Jesus told us it would be hard but that he would be with us even in the most difficult times. We work hard and have lots of fun and get out of our box. Awesome!!
Kerry ( Tio Chocolate )
Come to serve


This coming October we are taking two teams to Santiago to continue the construction. We need your help to purchase the following building supplies:

16 windows at $300. each

8 doors at $250. each

12 toilets at $200. each

13 sinks at $300. each

12 bathtubs at $900. each

4000 square feet of tile at $2.00 per square foot

600 sheets of sheet rock $10. Each

A workstation for the micro business at a cost of $1000.

Can you help us out? Can you purchase one or more of these items? Maybe you and your family or a group of your friends or church can go together to help buy 25 sheets of sheet rock or 50 square foot of tile or a bathtub? We need your help to accomplish what God has called us to do! Can you help us meet the needs of these very precious young women?

If you can, please Donate now. Go to the donate button and give. Thank you so much for helping us make a difference!

“Donate Now”

Te necesitamos, the house of hope girl need you

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