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Matching Gift

Dear VFC Family, it has been a while since you and I last communicated, probably way too long. I want to bring you up to date on the exciting things that are going on at the House of Hope in Chile. In the past 12 months we have had three of our girls graduate from either a vocational school or university and they are all now working full time in their chosen professions. They are Cynthia, Damy and Eben. In June Claudia was married, yes I said married. I had the honor of being the father of the bride. And what a great honor it was. Our girls are doing wonderful. It is such a blessing to watch them mature and prepare for an independent life.

This past year we have started multiple ministries to meet the needs of the street kids that live in La Pintana. You should be at the House of Hope on a Saturday. It is nothing but awesome ! Continue reading “Matching Gift House of Hope”

Matching Gift


Join us in building Hope

VFC Family,

As our two October teams are getting ready to leave for Santiago in just a little over a week, we are making all our final preparations to prepare for the big month of construction we have ahead at The House of Hope.  We’re looking forward to adding new rooms so that more girls can be nurtured as they grow into amazing women that fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. We’ll also be adding a space for their micro business Accesorios Esperanza where they are getting hands-on experience in the intricacies of running an organization; lessons they will be able to use for many years to come.  It’s an exciting time of growth and rejoicing in what the Lord is doing! 

As we draw close to our departure, we’ve encountered a hurdle.  We know these additions will be beautiful and well utilized – but as things currently stand the vision is missing something that we need your help with – windows, doors, flooring and walls!  Can you imagine?

Casa esperanza 2009

God has graciously provided a way – as He always does! An anonymous VFC friend has offered a $10,000 gift with the condition that we obtain a matching amount before we leave for Chile (October 4th)! With your gift, the gift of other VFC friends and family, and this matching $10,000 we will have the funds for our construction work teams to build. So will you help us reach this goal?  Can you help us buy a door for $250? A piece of sheet rock for the walls for $10? A window for $300?  A square foot piece of floor tile for $2?  Every gift helps. Together, we can see this beautiful vision come to fruition!! 

You can give here or here by notating “$10K Matching Gift” in the comment section, or you can send us a check written to Vision for Chile at  1176 Olde Cameron Lane, Franklin, TN 37067.  If you send a check, will you also send us an email so we can be sure it counts towards our $10,000 goal? 

Thank you for your continued support and your prayers as we work to build Hope in Santiago in Christ’s name.

-Tom Orme



Be a part of what’s happening in Chile today by building Hope from right where you are! (Matching Gift Opportunity)

Why do you go to Chile every year?

Question from Casa esperanza to Kerry Miltras: why you coming to Chile and the House of Hope this October?
Hola Daniel, You ask why I am coming to Chile and the House of Hope this October. The answer is because God has asked me to. Through my prayers he has revealed to me his purpose for my life. To serve. Sounds simple, but I can tell you that it is very difficult.
It’s hard to leave my family for three weeks. It’s hard to raise the money to come. It’s hard to miss three weeks of work. It’s hard to be away from my home church for three weeks. But it’s not all hard. Its easy to see the joy and love in the kids we serve. It’s easy to meet up with good friends like you and Tom Orme and Lee and Lee, just to name a few. Serving at the orphanage and the HOH has changed my life. I am truly blessed to be involved. God is good!
I encourage your readers to join us this October. God blesses our efforts and you can see the results in the lives that are changed forever. It’s not easy, but Jesus told us it would be hard but that he would be with us even in the most difficult times. We work hard and have lots of fun and get out of our box. Awesome!!
Kerry ( Tio Chocolate )
Come to serve


This coming October we are taking two teams to Santiago to continue the construction. We need your help to purchase the following building supplies:

16 windows at $300. each

8 doors at $250. each

12 toilets at $200. each

13 sinks at $300. each

12 bathtubs at $900. each

4000 square feet of tile at $2.00 per square foot

600 sheets of sheet rock $10. Each

A workstation for the micro business at a cost of $1000.

Can you help us out? Can you purchase one or more of these items? Maybe you and your family or a group of your friends or church can go together to help buy 25 sheets of sheet rock or 50 square foot of tile or a bathtub? We need your help to accomplish what God has called us to do! Can you help us meet the needs of these very precious young women?

If you can, please Donate now. Go to the donate button and give. Thank you so much for helping us make a difference!

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Te necesitamos, the house of hope girl need you

Update 5 On the Job 2012.


Dear Friends, we greet you from sunny Santiago.  Our last few days we have been blessed with great weather.

The roof is going up!  The rafters are all in place and a third of the tin sheets are in place.  With our limited crew God has given them limitless perserverance. God bless them!  The painting in the caretakers house is almost done.

Our special treat has been the 2 evenings we have spent at the Feeding Program run by Pastor Andrea and her family.  These ´street children´are so precious.  Here they are taught manners, values and the love of Jesus.


Pastor Andrea has the unique opportunity this morning to meet with the president of Chile and we pray that her program will continue to serve and bless the La Pintana community.  Be in prayer for Johnny today as he heads home.  He is in great pain.  He has blessed us so much with his talents and Christian spirit.

Bless the girls of the HOH and that we may complete the work as required.


To donate, please  click here “Donate Now” and complete the information for secure online transactions.  Or send a check by mail to Vision for Chile, 1176 Olde Cameron Lane, Franklin, TN  37067

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Vision for Chile on the job – October 2012

HOLA from sunny La Pintana, Chile.   Team 1, all eight of us, have settled into our temporary home here at the House of Hope!  Today is Wednesday, October 10, 2012.   That means today is officially DAY 3 for TEAM 1.  We welcome you to follow our progress in the days ahead as we seek to serve our gracious God who has allowed us to come to the House of Hope and minister to “our” girls!

Monday, October 8, Day 1:  This was NOT a sunny day; in fact, the morning truly was very chilly in Chile AND rainy.  But God is good!  The rain stopped. Bill cracked his whip and work was organized…AND by the end of the day, a wall was built and in place!  Bob is at the chop saw while Tall Lee hammers away along with Short Lee.  Rachel and Diane have carried many a 2 x 4 (wet, rough, full 2 x 4’s) and have been hammering as well.  We are happy to have Willy working along with us, too.  He is a joy to have working alongside of us.

Tuesday, October 9, Day 2:  A bright, sunny morning!  With a smile on His face, God decided not to deliver necessary supplies for the Chilean sewer workers.  SO, they decided that rather than standing around doing nothing, they would help build walls, too.  When you have a relatively small team (but ready, willing, and able!), any other bodies that are carrying wood are a true blessing!  Our downside today:  Diane, who is our intern at HoH and fellow team member for this month, was hit by a stomach bug and was out for the count!  Pray for her health to return so she can return to her ministries here.

Wednesday, October 10, Day 3:  After our yummy, hot breakfast this morning, we were greatly blessed to have our morning worship team minister—Rachel, one of our team members, sings with Kathy Cerda and Lissette playing guitar (and singing, too).  The girls are doing a wonderful job!  Most of the girls are at school or involved in doing their practicum (student teaching, nursing, etc.) during the day.  But when they ARE here, they can be found out at the worksite or helping in the kitchen, too!  ALL of them make us grateful to serve them!

By the end of today, it looks like ALL the exterior walls on the first floor may be standing!   We even have El Jeffe Bill down on his knees working as the walls are laid out.


Praise the Lord with us and we continue on—and you please continue to pray for safety, good working weather, wisdom and building relationships.  We pray for our families and friends back home every morning—thanks to your prayers in return, we can be here doing what we’re doing!

To donate, please  click here “Donate Now” and complete the information for secure online transactions.  Or send a check by mail to Vision for Chile, 1176 Olde Cameron Lane, Franklin, TN  37067

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