February 2011 Trip – Update #5

It is Thursday.  This will probably be our last update so we will include our plans for the rest of the week. On Monday evening we had a special time with the Hogar girls.  After a spaghetti dinner and some play time we prayed for the girls.  Then all of our team came to the center of the circle and the little ones prayed for us.  As they surrounded us with their loving arms we were touched to tears with their sweet petitions for our safety and above all that we would return again to see them.

Our team has shared gifts with the Hogar – gift bags for the Tias, jewelry for the girls and Tias. Beautiful handmade quilts were presented to the House girls.  Tio Chocolate (Kerry) made his special fudge. Bags of school supplies for both places were brought.  The greatest gift of all was the sharing of God’s love between the North and South Americans.

Please hold Claudio close in your prayers. Her father was killed yesterday in an accident. She is one of the Hogar girls that moved into the House of Hope on Sunday.

For the construction project – the kitchen cabinets are almost done, the yard/refuse cleanup (a really tough job in this heat) looks great, drywall has been started in the apartments, interior doors and baseboards will be done today.  The girls have all pitched in with every task assigned.

Friday will be a short day for construction as we will need to cleanup and pack.  Saturday will be a day of decompression at Valparasio and Vina, then to the airport.  While we are all anxious to return home, a part of our hearts will forever stay here in La Pintana at the Hogar and House of Hope.

Love and Prayers,

Tom, John, Bob, Dennis, Eric, Garry, Shane, Kerry, Lee, Lee, Paul, Clark,
Kathy, Cindy

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