Welcome to all the new girls


In our country, the policy for children in residence is that the child not reside more than one calendar year in an “orphanage” home, which in many cases does not happen. This social problem affects thousands of young people who are treated as adults, which on the one hand they are by chronological age, but are not prepared for independent living. Our Foundation acts to fill the gaps that are generated due to this failure in the law. We cannot remain oblivious to system failures that affect lives and dignity. For the girls in homes the question “what do you want to be when you are an adult?” the answer is simply to survive.

Rom 12:21
“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

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Prayer requests – House of Hope


Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus. This note is to let you know the prayer requests from the girls in House of Hope, we need you pray.

1. CLAUDIA Gutiérrez: (3rd year Nursing Technician)
For her mother that she might fix her family situation and for her spiritual life.
For her studies that she might pass mathematics and her professional practicum.

2. NICOLE Reyes: (4th Year Elementary Education with mention in English)
For her family (Father, mother, sister and 7-year-old niece) that they may know the Lord.
For the health of her study companion Romina who has hypocalcemia.
For her friend Catalina that she may begin her studies (Her career is on hold).
That it will be a good year at the university and that she will pass all her courses.

3. ESTEFANÍA Layseca: (4th. Year Elementary Education with mention in English)
That her boyfriend Cristian may know the Lord.
That she do well in the University and improve her spoken English.
That the plans she has put before the Lord will be realized according to God’s will.

4. IVETTE Layseca: (3rd year Psychopedagogy)
For her studies in the university that she will do well and that the Lord will supply all her economic needs.
For her family (father and mother) that the Lord will work in their economic needs and open doors for her father to work.

5. LISSETTE Levinao: (1st year Tourism with mention in Tourism Businesses)
That the work in VBS with the children will be effective and they will be motivated to participate in the ZONE KIDS beginning March 15 and also for the workshops during the week.
That all will go well in her home and that her mother will receive Christ in her heart.

6. ALICIA Lloyd: (Volunteer from USA, she came to work in the micro business)
That the Lord will give her wisdom in the work in the micro-business and wisdom as to how to work with the girls in House of Hope with success.

7. LILIANA Alarcón (High School)
That she will get the visa and be able to travel to the United States to see her children and that she will be in family court before May 15.

8. BERTA Levinao: (Nursing Technician with mention in Pediatrics – 3rd year)
For her practicum, her exams and her graduation this year, that the Lord will give her intelligence and renewed strength and that all will go well.

Many blessings,

Cecilia Camacho
Casa Esperanza
Vision for Children

Team 1 Final Update

Hello Friends and Family, Team One is now home and resting up from a great trip. They were awesome. In the final days before they left we had a No Talent, Talent show. Believe it or not we had some very good talent show up. It is hard to believe but we had some special signing from Tio Chocolateto and Lee Meier’s. Way to go guys. We also had a very interesting act put on by Bob Howen, It was so special we are still trying to figure out what he did and maybe why he did it ? But we love you Tio Bob. And then the House of Hope Girls put on a special act trying to imitate one of our morning meetings. That is hard to do but they did it well. Especially when Nicole played the part of Tio Bob. Wow ! What a fun time. We had Paul from Alaska or is it Iowa or is it Idaho [ it is one of those ] put on a special routine. Thanks Paul. And of special note we had Ann Marie play the part of a human pretzel and put her body in positions that made the rest of us hurt. If I tried that it would split me in two.

And then we had the real talent from Daniel and Jessica. Wow are they talented. Thanks guys for a great show.
The real reason for the party was to celebrate our first graduates, Damy and Cynthia. We are so proud of them. They are the first in their family to graduate from both high school and to obtain a higher education degree. Please pray for them as they are seeking God’s direction for their future.
On Saturday, the day the team departed for home, we had a volunteer day. It was San Marcos day. A local English speaking church that fully supports the House of Hope. That day we had 29 volunteers. Boy did we get a lot of work done. Thank you San Marcos.
On the construction side of our work, Team One was able to complete the electrical work, put on the building wrap in preparation for the siding, loaded all of the sheet rock into the new building [ thank you volunteers ] and get the engineering plans complete for our plumbing. The construction of the building is looking very good.

So we thank you Team One, Bob, Dick, Charlie, Sherrel, Hannah, Chip, Paul and Lee. Thank you for saying yes and thank you for serving. God bless you all !

Team One First Update


This is our first update to let you know that we have all arrived safely. Some came last week to get things ready and others arrived on Sunday and Monday. Our key phrase has always been “Be Flexible.” This has been especially important for those flying out of Nashville this year! It took Tom an extra day to get to Dallas while Hannah had to run from her arrival gate to her departure gate!

Our goal this trip is to finish the micro-business and training space. After one day, we have finished all of the wiring in the training room and half in the micro-business room! The interior door to the micro-business room and two other interior doors have been framed. Some of the second floor wiring runs through the ceiling of the micro-business. Much of the prep work is done for that! It looks as if we may be able to get the siding completed as well as the laundry.

During our devotional time, we are doing a study entitled “Radical” with the girls. It looks like it should be a good study. The food has been great (as always!). The girls are helping cook and are introducing us to more Chilean foods. It is good to hear the girls share with us using more English. Their English is improving better than our Spanish!

We ask for your continued prayers and praise God for the final tally of the matching gift challenge! Check out our website, http://www.visionforchile.org, for more information!

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Matching Grant Update 2


Ok Friends and Family, as of midnight Friday night we have received a total of $6,350. in donations. Do I hear an Amen ? We thank all of you for praying and donating. Our Matching Grant donor has given us an additional 24 hours to raise our total to $10,000. So we have until Saturday night at midnight.  I know we can do it. You can do it. Please help us out ! Use PayPal or send a check. If you send a check let me know so we can add it to our total. Our facebook is reaching over 10,000 people. We need all of you to give a little to make this happen. Please let us hear from you.

Casa esperanza 2009Queridos amigos y familia: siendo la medianoche de ayer, el monto recaudado en donaciones ascendía a los $6.350 dólares. ¿Quién dice Amén?
Queremos agradecer a todos por estar donando y orando. Nuestro sponsor donador nos ha dado otras 24 horas para poder recaudar el total de nuestra meta de $10.000 dólares, por lo que tenemos tiempo para continuar donando hasta la medianoche del sábado 5. ¡Es posible lograrlo! Por favor, no dejen de ayudarnos. Pueden donar por medio de Paypal o de cheques. Si envían cheques, por favor, hágannos saber para poder sumarlo al monto. Tenemos más de 10.000 contactos en Facebook y con la ayuda de todos podemos llegar a la meta.