February 2012 Team Update – #2

My apologies to all for the lack of updates but this has been a busy yet relaxed time for our team.  First, our team is the smallest in the history of Vision for Chile!  Tom Orme, Lee Meier  and Bob Howen were the team members.  Tom had his administration work to do, Bob had some meetings to attend with Tom and Lee worked hard!  The second floor apartment drywall is all done and painted.  Closets were built into the first and second floor apartments.  Kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs were bought and assembled.  Tile was placed on the kitchen floor.  Desks were built into both apartments.  Light fixtures were installed.

Willy has to tile the walls of the kitchen area of the second floor apartment and grout the floor and wall tiles.  Carpet needs to be installed on the stairs and half the second-floor apartment.

We did find time to go bowling with Jessica, Daniel, Anais (I think this is misspelled), Patty, Willy, Jacob and the girls (including Marie our intern).  We finished the week of VBS.  Either 13 or 14 children accepted Christ!  Most were from the small Hogar.  Our girls are planning the follow-up.  Last Wednesday, we went to the small Hogar for an end of English class celebration.  The staff of the Hogar were very appreciative of the English classes, VBS and fiesta!

Today, we went to see the ministry to the 45 children.  What a ministry!  We were able to bring some milk for them and watched the excitement of both the workers and the kids!  God is really leading us to help them in some way!  Lee was taken to the airport and should be waiting to take off.

Tom and Bob stay one more day and leave Sunday night.  Sunday before we leave, we are scheduled to meet with the man who owns the property behind the House of Hope.  This property has access to the irrigation canal which would do wonders for landscaping the House of Hope!  Pray that God would guide and provide!

Some have questioned about “our” hogar.  The hogar is currently between directors and the acting director has set limits on sharing God with the girls there.  What is God´s plan and purpose in all this?  He has given us an opening into three other hogars, the ministry to these needy children and also to a school down the street!  Pray that God would use us!

Plans continue on the October trip.  Check the web site for the current brochure!  Also, the apartments allow couples or small teams to come at other times!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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