February 2012 Team Update – #1

Time flies in Chile, especially for a small team!  Today is the fifth and final day of Vacation Bible School.  We began the week with a group of about 20 children, most from a Hogar further up Miguel Angel.  Yesterday we had about 45 children present!  Today, perhaps God will fill the La Pintana Church!  We have enjoyed the time spent with these children.  The first day there were two who prayed to accept Christ!  Wednesday saw five more pray!!!  Our intern Marie and Lissette authored the program.  The other girls have all pitched in and have helped “fine-tune” it.  Our team is pitching in as needed for the skits (loved the donkey ears, Lee).  The girls have been providing the music (Daniel on drums) with Willy leading the singing.  I must say that Willy is perfect for the job!  Patty is providing the snack each day – you should see the kids line up!

Unfortunately, the girls from our hogar (Hogar la Granja) had other things planned and have been unable to participate in the VBS or to have dinner with us.  God did provide a new contact here in Chile.  Valle (turns out to be a friend of Kathrin Reinhart Brinkman) and her family minister to 45 boys and girls each weekend.  These children come from an area only a few blocks from the House of Hope but where many have no electricity, water, sewers or even proper shelter.

The work on the apartments continues.  Lord willing, we will be able to paint the second floor apartment Saturday.  Kitchen cabinets, closets and desks next week!  Our prayer is they will be completely finished when we leave!  Today should be the final sanding. Praise the Lord!

We are staying at the House of Hope.  Patty and the girls are treating us very well.  We did meet with the architect concerning the October building project.  Valle and her family rent their house from the person who owns the property right behind the House of Hope.  This is an old plant nursery that has been empty for years.  When the former owner died, she instructed her heir that she wanted the property to be used for Christ.  Valle’s mother is going to contact him about Vision for Chile!

Prayer requests: 

  • Health (the standard breathing difficulty)
  • Relationship with the Hogar
  • October’s building project (planning, permits, etc)
  • God’s will/provision for additional land
  • The ever elusive checking account
  • That you will be able to come to Chile in October!


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