February Missions Trip


It just dawned on me that the February Missions Trip begins in only three weeks!  So far we have a small team but great plans.  Last October we were able to turn a mostly-finished concrete slab into a two-story building with a metal roof!  Of course, there are only stud walls and no plumbing, electric, windows or siding!  We will see what we can get accomplished.  We would like to have two Saturdays of volunteers come and join us which, during last October, did not quite multiply our team size by 10!  Volunteers are great—we love them all.

Do you have anything planned for February 23rd through March 10th? We would love to have you join us!  Tired of the winter weather where you are???  Let me tell you a little secret: The weather in Santiago is absolutely great in February and March.  Looking at The Weather Channel, the next seven days, La Pintana has forecast highs of 82 to 89 degrees and lows of 56 to 59 degrees.  The chance of rain is 0%!  Call Tom Orme as soon as possible and let him know that you can come!  Yes, we are planning on working on the building but we also are planning time to minister to the girls of the House of Hope and the children in the neighborhood. (Think of Tom and Bob in animal costumes—yes, it happened last year!)

Can’t make it at this late notice?  How would you like to donate to help provide the building materials?  Right now we are estimating around $6,000 for siding and $12,000 for electric.  Windows, drywall, paint and plumbing supplies will all need to be purchased.  However, only part of the building is critical to finish at this time–the space for the micro-business and a training area.

Link page Micro-business

Once we begin the siding, it is best to purchase all of it even if it is not completed until the October 2013 teams come.  If you are sending a check, let Tom Orme know.  It will really encourage him!

Can’t donate?  We need prayer warriors!  Let Tom Orme know that you will be praying for us daily!

Email: tomorme@visionforchile.org

Now, I need to start my list of things to bring to Chile.  Shorts, sun screen, swim suit and broad-brimmed hat are going to be on the top of my list!  Oh, yes, maybe I’d better pack some tools, too!

Bob Howen

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