Matching Grant Update


Matching Grant Update

Hello Friends and Family, as of this morning , Tuesday October 1st, we have received donations totaling $1,950. We thank all of you who have donated thus far. God bless you for your generous hearts.

We have until Friday at midnight October 4th  to raise an additional $8.050. We are praying that you can help. Remember for every dollar that you donate, we receive two dollars, but we need to match the whole $10,000.

So, please pray and ask God how you can help. No gift is too small. PayPal is a great way to give. We look forward in hearing from you.

You can give here or here by notating “$10K Matching Gift” in the comment section, or you can send us a check written to Vision for Chile at  1176 Olde Cameron Lane, Franklin, TN 37067.  If you send a check, will you also send us an email so we can be sure it counts towards our $10,000 goal?

February Missions Trip


It just dawned on me that the February Missions Trip begins in only three weeks!  So far we have a small team but great plans.  Last October we were able to turn a mostly-finished concrete slab into a two-story building with a metal roof!  Of course, there are only stud walls and no plumbing, electric, windows or siding!  We will see what we can get accomplished.  We would like to have two Saturdays of volunteers come and join us which, during last October, did not quite multiply our team size by 10!  Volunteers are great—we love them all.

Do you have anything planned for February 23rd through March 10th? We would love to have you join us!  Tired of the winter weather where you are???  Let me tell you a little secret: The weather in Santiago is absolutely great in February and March.  Looking at The Weather Channel, the next seven days, La Pintana has forecast highs of 82 to 89 degrees and lows of 56 to 59 degrees.  The chance of rain is 0%!  Call Tom Orme as soon as possible and let him know that you can come!  Yes, we are planning on working on the building but we also are planning time to minister to the girls of the House of Hope and the children in the neighborhood. (Think of Tom and Bob in animal costumes—yes, it happened last year!)

Can’t make it at this late notice?  How would you like to donate to help provide the building materials?  Right now we are estimating around $6,000 for siding and $12,000 for electric.  Windows, drywall, paint and plumbing supplies will all need to be purchased.  However, only part of the building is critical to finish at this time–the space for the micro-business and a training area.

Link page Micro-business

Once we begin the siding, it is best to purchase all of it even if it is not completed until the October 2013 teams come.  If you are sending a check, let Tom Orme know.  It will really encourage him!

Can’t donate?  We need prayer warriors!  Let Tom Orme know that you will be praying for us daily!


Now, I need to start my list of things to bring to Chile.  Shorts, sun screen, swim suit and broad-brimmed hat are going to be on the top of my list!  Oh, yes, maybe I’d better pack some tools, too!

Bob Howen

Update from the Interns of Vision For Chile.

Hi, I’m Rachel from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hi, I’m Carrie from  Akron, Ohio. And we are both interns with Vision for Chile in Santiago, Chile.

 For the six weeks that we have been interns here, we have gotten to be involved in several different ministries. One of which, is getting to know the girls living in Casa Esperanza, where we eat meals with them, help them in their studies, play games with them, pray with them, and sightsee with them.  They’re an awesome group of young ladies who love the Lord, and it has been a blessing to get to know them.  Another one of our major ministries is going to Forjadores del Futuro where we assist an English teacher, and play with the kids at recess, and have conversations with them while helping them with their English studies.

Many of the kids come from Hogares and  broken and dysfunctional families and are craving love and attention. It’s been a blessing to get to know them and to share Jesus with them.  They’re willing to tell us about their lives, which makes for an awesome opportunity to share our testimonies, and talk about Christ’s love for them. We also spend time teaching English next door at the church, to church members and the community.  Finally, we get to help with a ministry around the corner that tutors kids in English on Tuesday nights. Overall, there is a lot that interns are involved in here in La Pintana — there are so many different opportunities to share Christ’s love in the community, which so desperately needs it



Painting with Blood.

Tuesday night, at prayer meeting, the church prayed for Carrie and I at one point — praying for our continual protection and that we’ll be lights for God in the school we are working at and within the community.
Wednesday, we woke up. It was STILL pouring down rain. There isn’t really a drainage system, so the streets were RIVERS. literally,
rivers. Carrie and I walked our normal route to school. When we got to the main road, we couldn’t figure out how to cross it. We called it the “Red Sea” … except that it never parted and Moses didn’t show up. It took us about 5-10 minutes to figure out how we were going to cross the street without getting soaked up to our mid-calves.
We spend all day Wednesday with Cecilia’s homeroom, the 7th grade — which have become near and dear to our hearts in a short time. We went early so that we could sit in on their religion class and see what they were doing — which happened to be Father’s day cards. On the board there was an acrostic poem about Father’s and how great they are: how they teach you respect, discipline, and love. How they are always there for you, and what not. It just confused me, because probably half of the kids in the class don’t live with their parents, and the ones that do don’t ever see their parents. Cecilia says its a very “touchy subject” at school. There were kids making gifts for the grandparents, a brother, or a friend. A few for their parents, but I don’t know when their Father’s will get the card OR if they even care. I don’t really understand who Ester will give her card to, she has 21 siblings, all from different fathers. Does she know who her Dad is?
Besides this, do they know that there IS a Father who LOVES them. Do they see God like they see their earthly fathers who have failed them so much? Do they see Him as someone who will abuse them, or as someone who will cherish them and love them deeply? Who sent his son to take their place, so that they can know Him.
The day just gets better, let me tell you. After religion class, we were standing outside talking to Linda (Lean.da) and I noticed on a large post a star of David with a circle around it. Underneath it was the number 666. I asked Linda what it meant and she gave me a grimaced look and pointed down to the ground and was like “bad”. I talked to my friend Felipe later on in the evening to ask him what it meant, and he said those are Satanic symbols. Jorge wears a necklace around his neck with a star of David in a circle, and Catalina was drawing these all over her paper today.
We got back into class, and the kids had English class. Carrie and I were whispering in the back, while the kids had a make up quiz for English — they didn’t know any more this time than the last time they took the exact same quiz. We noticed Catalina, who was pricking her finger in the back of the room and pushing the flesh of her fingers to make blood come out. I offered her a tissue and she declined — eventually, we realized that she was trying to make herself bleed. She got enough blood on her finger and then would twitch her finger really fast to make it splatter on the wall. Then, she shared the broken pencil sharpener with Jorge so HE could prick his finger. He brought a drawing over to Catalina and she proceeded to paint the girl’s hair RED, with her BLOOD. The Jorge went back to his seat where he proceeded to write ‘death’ (in English) in blood on the wall. a few minutes later he added “note” (pretty sure it’s the name of a band..) Needless to say, I don’t do well with blood — and it was we weren’t quite sure what to do in the situation.
Afterwards, we talked with Tía Cecilia, and she simple replied with a shrug and was like “that’s just how it goes, she just wants attention” The truth is, there isn’t much you can do. or anyone can do. I think Daniel put it best — they can get help from a psychiatrist..or counseling.. but the truth is the only thing that will change their lives is Jesus Christ. Seeing their blood today made the reality of the situation come to life a bit more to me. For me, it was like seeing their blood was like seeing their scars and hurts come to life.
Carrie and I both walked back from school in a bit of a phase. We weren’t quite sure what to think. I kind of moped around confused for a while. At night, we prayed about it. I talked to a Chilean friend just for advice, because I don’t always understand the culture here. He gave a few encouraging words to Carrie and I about working at the school. Before we went to bed, we prayed about it a bit — and then I just prayed that God would show me something — or instead of having nightmares, he would speak to me through a dream – and he did. Well. in a God speaking in plain terms to Rachel kind of way.
Don’t laugh. Yeah, it has to do with track.  I dreamt that I was staying overnight for a track meet and was rooming with Suzette (haha, hi Suzette, if you’re reading this) and Jess D left all her stuff in our room? Sorry, side note  Anyways, I got up in the morning and looked in my bag and it was completely empty. I took an empty bag to a track meet — I didn’t have anything I needed. No shoes. No spandex. No uniform. Nothing. Needless to say, I was panicking.
I woke up and was like “what was that all about Lord?” I was prompted to read. yep. you guessed it. The Armor of God.
The Armor of God — Ephesians 6:10-20 — verses 19-20 in particular
This just kind of hit home this morning.  Just like we should be prepared for a track meet — we need to be prepared for battle. a spiritual battle. Carrie had a really good point this morning. We were talking about all the Satanic stuff — and talked about how it isn’t about Jorge cutting himself, the blood on the walls, the need for love, the kids fighting, the kids in need of a hug. It is SO much deeper than the physical stuff we can see, there is SO much more going on behind the scenes — a battle for the soul of each kid at the school. Everyday, Carrie and I need to be in the word — we don’t have the option to shy away, because there is nothing we can do on our own strength for these kids. We need the Armor of God and for Him to fill us up each and every day — to declare fearlessly, and boldly. To make His name known.
Love, Rachel (and Carrie)

October 2011 Trip Update #1—from Diane

The team arrived safely on Sunday. We are a small team this year – just 10 of us. Bob M. and Eleanor are first timers and it did not take long for them to fit in and feel right at home. After lunch and a nap on Sunday the team felt refreshed. We ate dinner at the House of Hope and met 2 of the new girls (Claudia and Domi) who live at the home. We spent time introducing ourselves and sharing something about our lives. Most of the girls are studying nursing or social work at the local universities. By the end of the evening we were all ready for a good night’s rest.

There are only 3 women on the team this year. Since the ladies are small in numbers, we are staying in the House of Hope. We are excited about getting to spend extra time in the evenings with the girls. The men are staying in the dormitory at the Hogar. John S. has already spent time playing foosball and soccer with a few of the girls. Jessica, the wife of Daniel, will be leading us in music each morning. Patti, the caretakers wife, will do the cooking for us this year so most of our meals will be at The House of Hope. For lunch today, she made her popular bread pudding. I’m looking forward to when she makes her guacamole.

Today the team had a busy morning down at the Hogar. We are digging a ditch where the new wall will be built. Because of earthquakes in Chile, the ditch has to be three feet deep. Tio Juan and Jose, who handle the maintenance at the Hogar, are helping us. They sure are hard workers! Willie, the caretaker at the House of Hope and Marco, who attends one of the local C&MA churches, will be helping us over the next two weeks. Bob H., Debby and Bob M. have been tasked with addressing an issue in the bathroom of Casa #4. They spent the morning chipping away at the floor tiles and concrete. The temperature this morning was cool. It has been a blessing since we most of us have been working outside.

Tonight we divided up into three groups and ate dinner at three of the homes at the Hogar. John W., Kerry and Bob H. shared with the girls. We enjoyed our time with the girls. On Wednesday evening we will eat at the other 3 homes at the Hogar.

Please keep the education system in Chile in your prayers. The students at certain public universities are on strike and there have not been classes for the past several months. Marco attends one of those universities. Pray that the government and students can come to a resolution so classes can resume.

We look forward to seeing God at work at the Hogar and House of Hope.

In Christ,

October 2010 Trip – Team 2 – Update #3

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thursday evening the team enjoyed eating dinner in downtown Santiago at a Chilean restaurant. Daniel and Jessica and their daughter Anais were able to join us for dinner. It was a nice time of fellowship.

Corey and John were feeling better by Friday morning. Friday was spent working on the interior framing and electrical installation. Willie and Tio Juan continued working on the plumbing installation. Friday night after dinner we held a concert for the girls at The Hogar who were unable to go home for the weekend. Mickey, Claire, Katherine, Claudia and Jessica sang several songs and Leonardo, the Director of the Hogar, played the bass, while Daniel played the guitar and drums. The last song of the evening was singing “Open the Eyes of my Heart” which the girls sang with us in English. After the concert, the girls enjoyed eating ice cream with sprinkles, syrup and whipped cream.

Team 2 with the girls from the Hogar
Team 2 with girls

Teens from Chile HelpingIt was cloudy and cold on Saturday morning – much different than the clear blue skies and warm temperatures we had been used to all week. The team spent the morning working with their sweatshirts and jackets on. Youth from two local Alliance churches came and helped with the construction work. Four youth came from the Penalolen church (Bob Fugate’s church) and 25 youth came from the First Church. Thirteen of those youth went down to The Hogar and had recreation time with the girls. The youth that remained at the House of Hope, helped hammer shingles on Willie and Patti’s house and dug up the concrete outside the gate to create a driveway entrance. That was hard work breaking up the concrete and then relaying it at the pavement level. By lunch time, the clouds had disappeared and the sun came out. The temperature warmed up about 15 degrees! All the youth joined us for a cookout at dinner time.

We took a group picture after lunch time with the youth that were helping with Willie and Patti’s house. One of the pictures was a silly picture and it just so happened that when Corey, the photographer, was climbing up a ladder to sit for the photo, the ladder became unstable and he fell to the gravel below. We weren’t sure if he had broken his foot or sprained it. It turns out it is just a very bad sprain and will take 6-8 weeks to heal. Corey is using a pair of crutches that the House of Hope had in the house and wearing a boot given to him by the doctor. He is being cared for by many of the team members.

Team 2 Group Photo

Dinner with House of Hope girlsSunday we went to the Cordillera Alliance Church in Las Condes. The girls from the House of Hope along with Willie, Patti and Jacob also came with us. This church is one of the larger Alliance churches in Santiago. Tom and Daniel spoke about The Hogar and the House of Hope and Bob Howen gave a short testimony on why he and the other team members choose to be a part of Vision for Chile. After church, the team boarded the bus and headed to Pomaire for some shopping. We enjoyed eating empanadas on the bus that were made by Nellie, one of the cooks at The Hogar. What a beautiful day to spend outside in the sun! We enjoyed a nice dinner in Pomaire before heading back to The Hogar. Tom Morris and Caleb left for the States. We were glad that Caleb was able to spend an extra week with us and as it turns out, he extended his stay by another day since he did not have his passport with him Friday night and missed that flight home.

Today Kerry, Claire, Katherine, Ryan, Andrew, Andreas, Pam (from Pena lo Len) worked on finishing the roof (shingles and roof vent). Lee and Ryan have been working on the porch and roof detail. The electrical team has doubled in size with Dick and Dennis assisting Bob and Mickey (Debby has been helping when kitchen duty is finished). Carol painted the entrance doors to the House of Hope. They are now a nice white color. We will be eating dinner with the girls at The Hogar and several of us will be giving our testimonies. Once again, Tio Chocolate has made his famous fudge for dessert.

In His Love,