Matching Grant Update

Matching Grant Update Hello Friends and Family, as of this morning , Tuesday October 1st, we have received donations totaling $1,950. We thank all of you who have donated thus far. God bless you for your generous hearts. We have until Friday at midnight October 4th  to raise an additional $8.050. We are praying that youContinue reading “Matching Grant Update”

February Missions Trip

  It just dawned on me that the February Missions Trip begins in only three weeks!  So far we have a small team but great plans.  Last October we were able to turn a mostly-finished concrete slab into a two-story building with a metal roof!  Of course, there are only stud walls and no plumbing,Continue reading “February Missions Trip”

Update from the Interns of Vision For Chile.

Hi, I’m Rachel from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hi, I’m Carrie from  Akron, Ohio. And we are both interns with Vision for Chile in Santiago, Chile.  For the six weeks that we have been interns here, we have gotten to be involved in several different ministries. One of which, is getting to know the girls living inContinue reading “Update from the Interns of Vision For Chile.”

October 2011 Trip Update #1—from Diane

The team arrived safely on Sunday. We are a small team this year – just 10 of us. Bob M. and Eleanor are first timers and it did not take long for them to fit in and feel right at home. After lunch and a nap on Sunday the team felt refreshed. We ate dinnerContinue reading “October 2011 Trip Update #1—from Diane”

October 2010 Trip – Team 2 – Update #3

Monday, October 25, 2010 Thursday evening the team enjoyed eating dinner in downtown Santiago at a Chilean restaurant. Daniel and Jessica and their daughter Anais were able to join us for dinner. It was a nice time of fellowship. Corey and John were feeling better by Friday morning. Friday was spent working on the interiorContinue reading “October 2010 Trip – Team 2 – Update #3”