Happy Anniversary Casa Esperanza Chile

House of Hope has operated now for 6 years, 19 years since the founding Vision for Children Chile, time flies!!, I give thanks to God because our house in La Pintana, Chile, is a place that serves others in need.
The young people who live there can see the possibility of getting ahead, and the boys and girls that we attend can see a better future. Life is not fair, but we have to go out and share how God has transformed our lives, and how do we do this? By helping others, with a cup of tea, sharing a class of mathematics, English, music, giving accommodation and residence to the young man who has no where to go and wants to study, playing football with the neighbors and seeing how a child discovers music and art.Continue reading “Happy Anniversary Casa Esperanza Chile”

House of Hope Update from Amanda

Amanda Grengs


Week 1-

It was a quick adjustment to get settled into House of Hope and feel apart of the family.Week one in Chile was settling into my schedule and figuring out my role in helping outat the schools, hogare, and the house of hope ministry. It has been great getting to knowthe kids and see their eagerness to learn, their questions are endless. Some of the kids atthe school also come to Hope Community on Wednesday nights and they also come on Saturday. Many of these kids come from tough backgrounds and this is a chance for them to just be a kid and have fun while also learning about who Jesus Christ is. One of my highlights so far is worshipping in the churches here in Spanish and building relationships even though there is a language barrier, it is a true testament that love does not have barriers.Continue reading “House of Hope Update from Amanda”

October / November 2016 trip

Hello Friends, Family, prior Team Members. It is that time of year when we start promoting our October / November 2016 trip to La Pintana Chile to serve our ministry, Vision for Children [ House of Hope ] our promotional flyer. Please take the time to review the same and pray about the possibility of you coming and being part of our team serving over 900 children. I promise you that if you come you will not regret it. Come and help change the life of child, teenager or young women at the House of Hope. We need you ! We work with schools, orphanages and street kids. If you have questions, please feel free to give me a call 615 973 9837. I look forward to hearing from you. God bless !

Tom OrmeContinue reading “October / November 2016 trip”