October 2011 Trip Update #1—from Diane

The team arrived safely on Sunday. We are a small team this year – just 10 of us. Bob M. and Eleanor are first timers and it did not take long for them to fit in and feel right at home. After lunch and a nap on Sunday the team felt refreshed. We ate dinner at the House of Hope and met 2 of the new girls (Claudia and Domi) who live at the home. We spent time introducing ourselves and sharing something about our lives. Most of the girls are studying nursing or social work at the local universities. By the end of the evening we were all ready for a good night’s rest.

There are only 3 women on the team this year. Since the ladies are small in numbers, we are staying in the House of Hope. We are excited about getting to spend extra time in the evenings with the girls. The men are staying in the dormitory at the Hogar. John S. has already spent time playing foosball and soccer with a few of the girls. Jessica, the wife of Daniel, will be leading us in music each morning. Patti, the caretakers wife, will do the cooking for us this year so most of our meals will be at The House of Hope. For lunch today, she made her popular bread pudding. I’m looking forward to when she makes her guacamole.

Today the team had a busy morning down at the Hogar. We are digging a ditch where the new wall will be built. Because of earthquakes in Chile, the ditch has to be three feet deep. Tio Juan and Jose, who handle the maintenance at the Hogar, are helping us. They sure are hard workers! Willie, the caretaker at the House of Hope and Marco, who attends one of the local C&MA churches, will be helping us over the next two weeks. Bob H., Debby and Bob M. have been tasked with addressing an issue in the bathroom of Casa #4. They spent the morning chipping away at the floor tiles and concrete. The temperature this morning was cool. It has been a blessing since we most of us have been working outside.

Tonight we divided up into three groups and ate dinner at three of the homes at the Hogar. John W., Kerry and Bob H. shared with the girls. We enjoyed our time with the girls. On Wednesday evening we will eat at the other 3 homes at the Hogar.

Please keep the education system in Chile in your prayers. The students at certain public universities are on strike and there have not been classes for the past several months. Marco attends one of those universities. Pray that the government and students can come to a resolution so classes can resume.

We look forward to seeing God at work at the Hogar and House of Hope.

In Christ,

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