Update Internship

Hey everyone, Hudson here again.  This is my mid-way update for my time here in the House of Hope.  So far in my time here I’ve been working in the local Miguel Angel school, the hogar Caro down the road, and around the house.  I also did some construction with the mission trip team in October.
Working at the school has been a great experience.  Its really fascinating to me to see how different schools are outside of the US.  The kids are a little crazy, but overall have good hearts.  I try to not only help with the English class, but teach them a lot of the jokes, and what not that I used to do back when I was younger.  I really enjoy working with these kids.  I also spend some time once a week down at the hogar with Bre (one of the other interns), and Berta (a girl of the house of hope).  That is a ton of fun, we show up and play games with the kids for about an hour and they are all hysterical.  Some of the kids are also better soccer players then most of the kids my age back home.
Working with the team was definitely a fun experience.  After being in Chile the past couple months and then switching back over to an US style eating schedule and sleep schedule the transition was hard to get back into the first couple days.  Everyone on the team was great.  We were always laughing and having a good time while getting the work done that was needed.
I’ve also spent a lot of time catching up with the family I have down here and that’s been awesome.  Overall this experience has and will have a positive place in my mind and memory.  ¡Chao!

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