Update Team VFC

As I am writing this update, I am sitting on the plane waiting to take off in Charlotte. Dick, Lee and Bob have departed leaving Tom and Kerry to continue the march!

The work continued in preparing the rooms in the new building for painting. It is surprising how much time the little details take. The area around the windows had drywall, metal corner bead and “mud” applied. Tile was put on the floor of the kitchen area and the walls of two of the bathrooms. Drywall patches put in where door sizes changed and most of the “rough” areas given a smoothing last cost of mud – along with much sanding! We had two ladies out from the San Marcos Church who did above and beyond in cleaning up the messes we were making! Looking at Lee reminded me of “being whiter than snow.”


One task was to put the swimming pool up  in preparation for Nicole’s baptism! You will have to wait for the next update to hear more on that as it is taking place now. Kerry rigged up a solar heater to try to take the ice off the newly filled pool!

We were able to go to two hogars and two different schools to minister. We went into a special needs school for the first time. Kerry taught the cooking class how to make a dump cake. This is the class that our Suzi attends.  We also were able to participate in the Kids Zone, Hope Community, music training and sharing with the neighborhood children. Most of all, we were able to share our hearts with the young ladies of The House of Hope. God has blessed us with a great group of girls!

VFC TEAM AT LAS ROSAS SCHOOL12046834_1054893197888134_3557764125566956430_n

It is not too late to plan on coming in March or to start supporting financially. Most of all, remember to support the work with your prayers!

Bob, for the team.

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