Thanksgiving, the holiday that has been pushed aside by Christmas and trampled by Black Friday!  It still is a fantastic time to reflect on what we have been blessed with as individuals.  I am blessed with a loving, caring wife, three children, and 11 grandchildren.  I am blessed by an abundance of most things – even though at times I may feel that I “need” more.

I am blessed that I do not have to go to sleep at night listening to the sounds of gunfire as gangs are fighting on the other side of the building next door.  This is the current experience of the young ladies who are living in The House of Hope.  These young ladies are my extended family in Chile and are truly a blessing to know!  I am thankful that they have The House of Hope to live in while they are studying and working to not only change their own lives but also the lives of children from the neighborhood, schools and hogars (orphanages).  I am thankful that these young ladies are willing to share the love of Jesus through Hope Community, Kids Zone and the educational classes!

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Baptism at the House of Hope

How exciting to be a part of the first baptism at the House of Hope. On November 1st, Nicole, one of our House of Hope girl’s, committed her life to Christ through baptism.  Pastor from the CMA Church next door performed the ceremony with assistance from Kerry. About 40 attended from the church, community, and Nicole’s family. Praise GOD, and to Him be the glory. Congratulations “NEW” Nicole.


Update Team VFC

As I am writing this update, I am sitting on the plane waiting to take off in Charlotte. Dick, Lee and Bob have departed leaving Tom and Kerry to continue the march!

The work continued in preparing the rooms in the new building for painting. It is surprising how much time the little details take. The area around the windows had drywall, metal corner bead and “mud” applied. Tile was put on the floor of the kitchen area and the walls of two of the bathrooms. Drywall patches put in where door sizes changed and most of the “rough” areas given a smoothing last cost of mud – along with much sanding! We had two ladies out from the San Marcos Church who did above and beyond in cleaning up the messes we were making! Looking at Lee reminded me of “being whiter than snow.”

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October 2015 Team Update #1

Dear VFC Family, we have arrived and been working and ministering for the past 5 days. We have a very veteran team and hit the ground running. It’s good to have Bob, Kerry, Lee and Dick back. Most of these men have been here for more than 10 trips. Thank you Jesus for each one of them.

This trip is especially exciting as we have four new girls in the House of Hope. We will be introducing them to you at a later date. They are young, energetic and very excited to be a part of our ministry.

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Update construction support.

Dear VFC Family, within the past several days all of our team has arrived. We are at the House of Hope in La Pintana Chile and construction is underway. Thank you for your prayers and your generous support. To date we have raised $3,600.00 of the needed $8,500.00. Do I hear an amen ! We will be here through the first week of November. Your continued support is needed. Please pray. If God prompts you, please donate through our website,www.visionforchildren,net Every donation helps, . Thank you and God bless !


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