Urgent Giving Challenge for The House of Hope









Please see below a note from Dick Jones, one of Vision for Chile’s Advisory Board members and Chairman of VFC’s Fundraising Committee.  It is followed by an urgent plea from VFC’s Founder and Director, Tom Orme.

Dear Friends of Vision For Chile:

Over the past two years many of you have prayed for, given your time and talents, and financially supported completing construction of Vision For Chile’s House of Hope. We praise God for the part each one of you has played in making this dream become a reality.

As is the case with many other Christian ministries, Vision For Chile has experienced a decrease in donations in recent months. We are now in critical need of additional funds to meet the outstanding obligations and current operational expenses for the House of Hope. A couple that is committed to supporting the ministry of Vision For Chile recently donated $25,000 to help address this financial need. They are challenging friends and supporters of Vision For Chile to also donate now in order to immediately raise an equal amount. I am, therefore, asking that you prayerfully consider how you might be able to financially support the House of Hope at this critical time. We have already taken a number of steps to economize operations, but if we don’t receive additional donations right away more drastic changes to the current ministry will need to be made.

It is important that we receive your donations by June 10th. Checks may be sent to Vision For Chile, 1176 Olde Cameron Lane, Franklin, TN 37067, or you can give on-line at www.visionforchile.org.

Also, if you are not already part of our “Hope Sponsorship” program you may wish to consider how you, your home Bible study or other small group can support the girls at the House of Hope on an on-going basis. The House of Hope brochure details how you can participate in this vital program.

On behalf of Vision For Chile I want to thank you for your prayers and your support.

Dick Jones, Chairman
Vision For Chile Fund Raising Committee


Dear Friends of Vision for Chile,

First of all, you need to know that I hate sending you these kind of e-mails. However, as Director of VFC / HOH, I want to / need to bring you up to date on the financial status of the House of Hope. In all honesty it is not good. Unless God intervenes and a miracle occurs, we are less than 30 days away of making a decision to close the House of Hope, releasing the staff and sending the girls on their way. This is very difficult for me to share with you.

Our cost to run the HOH is approximately $15,000. per month. In April, we were only able to raise half of that amount. So far in May, we have only raised $1,500. You need to know, this issue is not one of spending too much, it is truly one of a lack of income to meet our expenses. Daniel as Director, is doing an excellent  job ! The girls are doing great ! They are so wonderful ! Willie, Patty and family are now living in the new caretakers house. It looks great and they love it !

The challenge before us is a ” $25,000 Matching Grant ”  This is a tremendous opportunity for us. Please pray and ask God how He wants you to be involved. If He challenges you to do so, please go to our beautiful updated website  www.visionforchile.org and use PayPal to send your gift.  Remember that it is important that we receive your donations by June 10th for the Matching Grant.

Most importantly, please pray how you, your church, your bible study, home group, men’s group or youth group can help us out by supporting a girl for $89 per month.

We thank you for all that you have done to support this ministry. Thank you for praying, for coming and for supporting us through your finances. You guys are great ! As Director, I have never been more blessed than when I am in Chile with you serving God ! Thank you !

Your friend,  Tom Orme

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