Change the lives of La Pintana children.

“I am not beautiful, don’t lie to me”, she said to me. “No, Alicia, you really are beautiful, you are a child of the King. That makes you a princess.” Shaking her head, I gave her a hug and silently prayed for her in the back of the classroom. Five orphanages in La Pintana sendContinue reading “Change the lives of La Pintana children.”

Education Strikes in Chile

  As students demanding changes to the education system continue to strike in Santiago, we hope that you will take a few moments to pray for Chile and for the girls at the Hogar and House of Hope.  In this week’s installment of “Voice of Hope”, Daniel speaks to some of the issues at hand. Continue reading “Education Strikes in Chile”

Announcing: Voice of Hope

Starting today, the Director at the House of Hope will be posting a blog called “Voice of Hope” every other Friday.  The blog will share current activities at the House of Hope and how you can partner with us in prayer. Follow the link below to read his first entry, and be sure to checkContinue reading “Announcing: Voice of Hope”