Vacation Bible School Linares

  Hello!  For this week, the House of Hope is in Linares (about three hours south of Santiago-Chile) doing a week-long Vacation Bible School in the rural CMA school Enrique Weiss. Our goal is to teach the kids about Jesus Christ while teaching them basic English.  The HoH girls have done all the planning andContinue reading “Vacation Bible School Linares”

Mission Trip to Chile 2012

When Johnny, David and I arrived the start of week two, I was surprised to see that there were almost as many of us as all of team one. With a 90ft X 25ft 2 story multi purpose building to be built, it got me wondering if it was even remotely possible. Then I looked out back ofContinue reading “Mission Trip to Chile 2012”

Team 1 – Update 3

Team 1 – Update 3  October 16-17:   Two full days of work, work, work!  Words cannot begin to describe what this small team has accomplished in the past nine days.  The second floor is completely floored, stairs are finished, and walls are going up!  In fact, we are amazed at what God is doing—having toContinue reading “Team 1 – Update 3”

Vision for Chile on the job – October 2012

HOLA from sunny La Pintana, Chile.   Team 1, all eight of us, have settled into our temporary home here at the House of Hope!  Today is Wednesday, October 10, 2012.   That means today is officially DAY 3 for TEAM 1.  We welcome you to follow our progress in the days ahead as we seek toContinue reading “Vision for Chile on the job – October 2012”

Family Volunteer Opportunity In Chile

FLYERS y LINK NOTICIA EN ESPAÑOL. Dear Friends, I wanted to share with you about an amazing opportunity.  As you know, our family has been very involved in the US-based charity here in Santiago, called Vision for Chile.  For the past 15 years, Vision for Chile has built orphanages, schools, multi-purpose centers and directly and indirectlyContinue reading “Family Volunteer Opportunity In Chile”