House of Hope Update from Amanda

Amanda Grengs


Week 1-

It was a quick adjustment to get settled into House of Hope and feel apart of the family.Week one in Chile was settling into my schedule and figuring out my role in helping outat the schools, hogare, and the house of hope ministry. It has been great getting to knowthe kids and see their eagerness to learn, their questions are endless. Some of the kids atthe school also come to Hope Community on Wednesday nights and they also come on Saturday. Many of these kids come from tough backgrounds and this is a chance for them to just be a kid and have fun while also learning about who Jesus Christ is. One of my highlights so far is worshipping in the churches here in Spanish and building relationships even though there is a language barrier, it is a true testament that love does not have barriers. Continue reading “House of Hope Update from Amanda”

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“The online store is a really important step for us because we are trying to show hope in the work we do and now we have the opportunity to share our hope with everyone. When you buy a piece of our product, you take some of our hope with you and that means a lot for us because it is not just about us receiving, but about us learning to give.” -President of Showing Hope, Estefania Layseca, House of Hope.
Young women I am excited to share with you one of the projects I have been working on while here at House of Hope and that is the online store called Showing Hope. I think having an online store will bring more structure to their business and teach the ladies how to plan for the future and not just day to day. The goal is to have the business be self-sustainable, so by opening an online store and sharing the work of the ladies to the public is a great way to capture a larger audience. We want to let people know more about the lives of these women and why they need your help in the success of this business because it may affect the success of their personal future one day. Please visit our online store and share with family and friends! The store is available for US sales and the products are available in both the US and Chile only. -Volunteer worker, Alicia Lloyd

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Final Update Team VFC

team 2014

Official House of Hope Final Update:

The trip is over the team has left Chile and are now home however the last few days of the trip were awesome.

On the Saturday before we left, the House of Hope had it’s first “ Kids Zone “day.  And wow was it crazy. Kids Zone is like a wild and crazy Sunday school class for unchurched street kids. Being our first class we had no idea of how many kids would show up. We estimated about 10 to 12… However, they came, some more came and then more came. We ended up with 33 kids, some moms and dads and a stray dog. It was great to see and feel the energy and see the Holy Spirit move. Thank you Lord. Please pray as we continue our Kids Zone every Saturday throughout the year.  


Along with Kids Zone, the House of Hope will begin teaching classes for guitar, drums and English as a second language. Our goal is to reach La Pintana for Jesus !

We want to thank our team, Bob, Debbie, Lee, Kerry and Chris. It was a great 17 days. A lot of construction work was completed and ministry was accomplished. Again, thank you Jesus.

We want to compliment and thank the young women and staff of the House of Hope. What a great group of people. Thank you for an awesome time of fellowship and working together to the glory of God. See you in October !


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Official House of Hope Team Update 2, 3 & 4


Did you ever notice that time flies when you are having fun ! Well we are having fun ! It has been an awesome trip so far.

During our first full week the House of Hope conducted a three day VBS for the kids from the La Pintana area. We averaged about 75 kids per day. It was amazing to see how the team turned into biblical characters and animals. Some of us were sheep [Bob, Lee and Tom] One was a Sheppard   [Chris]  Some were super heros ! Bob & Nicole.  I think they really thought they were super heros ? While one was very special and played Jesus. [it is obvious who player Jesus, correct ?]Two played the prodigal son and his father [Lee and Bob] and one was awesome as a donkey, of course this was Chris. The girls did a great job at running the VBS, from the music, singing, skits, bible classes to the snacks it was well done. Thank you ladies !

On Saturday we held our second volunteer work day. And wow was it ever a great day. We had 66 volunteers show up and they came to work at both the construction of our new multipurpose building and our micro-business. Kerry and Alicia were thrilled with all of the help. Please view the attached video from Bob H. to share what work has been accomplished. However we need to thank all of our volunteers from the San, Marcos church, the Santiago Community Church Nido, InterNations and the HOH girls and staff. And anyone else that I may have missed. Thank you ! Thank you & Thank you !


If you are wondering why this update is slow in coming, you need to see the facebooks of Casa Esperanza / House of Hope and Chris Teien [ he will be your friend ] They are giving updates daily as to what is going on and posting great photos.

Our esteemed Construction Leader Kerry Mitras came and went after only a week. However much was accomplished while he was here. Kerry had to return to New York to work on a future House of Hope. Details to follow later. Thank you Kerry for all you do for and for your leadership. We all appreciate you [especially Bob H.]


One of the main ingredients in the success of a short term mission trip is the cook. And we have with us one of our best ever. Deb H. is awesome! Every meal is well planned and great to eat. Team members may have a lot to complain about but not the food. Thank you Debbie and HOH girls for keeping us well fed.

Hopefully there will be at least one more update. Keep us in prayer and pray about coming out in October as a team member. We need all of you! God bless!



Team Update.

Tom Orme vfc

This is our first official Team Update:

Hello from the House of Hope. The team has all arrived and we are fully engaged in ministry and the construction of the multi-purpose building. Since this past Thursday we have been involved in a Vision for Children-Chile Board Meeting, a Volunteer workday on Saturday, a No Talent, Talent Concert and a wonderful Sunday morning worship service at the La Pintana Alliance church.
We are a team of six plus our wonderful intern from Minnesota. The Volunteer work day was awesome. We had 17 volunteers. Many of them were first timers to the House of Hope. They helped us to construct and to assist us in our micro-business. Their enthusiasm and work ethic was contagious. Please go to our facebook for great pictures of the work day and our no talent, talent show.

The only comment I will make about our talent show is a quote from one of our team members. “ I didn’t realize that I was going to fly 6000 miles to Chile to hear an Australian sing music from the Beatles “ And we did and we had fun. Thank you Grant and family and all of those that contributed. What a great night.

We are here to March 16th. We will do our best to keep you updated. Thank you for your prayers and support in making this trip possible God bless !