Breanna – I am an intern at the House of Hope

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Hello!  My name is Breanna and I’m an intern at the House of Hope.  I arrived on June 19 and I’ll be here until December 9th, living here in the HOH with several amazing young women.  As a Youth and Social Ministry major at Crown College, this six month internship is an incredible opportunity for God to train and equip me to become the servant He created me to be.  I feel strongly that I have a calling to those who are broken and hurting with deep heart-wounds.  I hope one day to become a counselor and deal with these wounds by introducing the wounded to the ultimate Healer, Jehovah-rapha, Jesus Christ. 

IMG_7966As I live with the young women here at the HOH, and also as I work in as a teacher’s aid in a 3rd grade classroom (at the elementary school down the street) I can’t wait to see how Jesus will choose to bind wounds and heal broken hearts (Psalm 147:3).  My ultimate goal for my time here (besides becoming fluent in Chilean Spanish) is to be available for His use to further His Kingdom in whatever manner He wants to use me to serve in the community of La Pintana.  I pray that every day, Jesus changes my heart more and more to reflect His love for every person I encounter every day that I’m here.  Viva Chile!

This week, I had the opportunity to create a children’s program from one of VFC  Director Daniel’s great ideas.  The program was called Cine en la Casa Esperanza; we transformed the HOH’s multi-purpose room into a home-theater for a week of kid-friendly movies.  Over a dozen children came from the two nearby orphanages to watch films including The Croods, Megamind, and Up…and to enjoy our killer sound-system and unlimited snacks.  Following each film was a brief reflection that tied in a theme from the movie to a theme in Scripture.  These short lessons included a couple of questions for the kids to answer (with prizes, of course), and ended in a Bible verse that delineated the theme.  Overall, the Cine en la Casa Esperanza was a great success.  Several children got to experience a fun activity while being exposed to God’s Word.

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