Internship Update

100_2340ALICIA VFC
Hello, my name is Alicia, from Minnesota, and I will be interning with Casa Esperanza for the next six months. On a whim I heard God call me to go to Chile and just over a month I quit my full time job as a manager and arrived with a lot of unknowns, but with the exception that God is going to use me. I said yes to this unique opportunity so that I can use my business degree in efforts to help advance another girl’s future, or better yet, a house full of futures. My plans are to help design and execute a business plan for their jewelry micro-business, design a floor plan for the business room that is under construction and create a good work flow in that space, generate a website for an online store, produce a catalog, and more importantly and most challenging is to teach these young women what opportunities are before them and to get them excited about it. The mission for Casa Esperanza is to see these ladies grow maturely into adults and learn to live independently by giving them opportunities no one else would. By being a part of a small business and understanding all aspects in operating this business will prepare these ladies for their future and I thank God for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this unique endeavor. I will also be involved in other areas such as organizing VBS, teaching English and any other unknown opportunities that presents itself, because that’s what an intern does, right? I am excited to see how God will use the micro-business to transform the lives and futures of these deserving women. Thank you for supporting Vision for Chile, House of Hope and these women of hope.

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