Testimony, Nido de Aguilas Chile.

Thanks House of Hope!!!

Every student should live the experience of developing a social enterprise. Students in Chile can contribute not only to noble causes in our country, but this type of experience can also mean a lot in their learning. When we came to House of Hope, we wanted to help, to contribute with our enthusiasm and knowledge, to raise funds to rebuild the multi-purpose court, a dream cherished by the headquarters in La Pintana for many years – a  dream that as sportsmen we shared and valued in all its magnitude. We thought that the enjoyment of watching children run and enjoy sports activities would be our only reward, but today at the end of the year and having achieved our goal, we know that we are the main beneficiaries.


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We have a Dream: Update # 1

Multicancha Futbol

Dear Friends and Family, I pray that you are praying for our Soccer Field Project. We are very excited about how this field can be used for soccer, other games, concerts and so much more. Our goal is to bring as many people as possible to the House of Hope so that we can share the good news of Jesus Christ. To date we have raised $1650.00. We praise God for these generous donations. Our goal, our need is $7,500. So our need is now $5850.  Please pray for God to provide these much needed funds. Please pray and ask God as to how you can be involved in this project. Continue reading “We have a Dream: Update # 1”

We have a Dream


Dear VFC Family, have you ever had a dream about something you wanted so bad that you could hardly wait to see if your dream would come true? Well we had a dream in 2012. Our dream was to reach our community of La Pintana for Jesus Christ, one street kid at a time. Here we are three years later and we are overwhelmed with God’s answer to our dream.

We put a strategy together and prayed and then prayed some more. And every day we continue to pray as to how best serve our community. Our strategy was to partner with our schools, hogars, churches and anyone who wanted to help us. And it is working, wow is it working. We began with music lessons involving several different types of instruments i.e. drums, guitars etc. voice lessons, a Kids Zone, concerts in our parking lot, vacation bible schools and so much more. And the kids just keep coming. We started a Thursday night meeting for teen agers and over 25 of them came out weekly.  Continue reading “We have a Dream”