We have a Dream


Dear VFC Family, have you ever had a dream about something you wanted so bad that you could hardly wait to see if your dream would come true? Well we had a dream in 2012. Our dream was to reach our community of La Pintana for Jesus Christ, one street kid at a time. Here we are three years later and we are overwhelmed with God’s answer to our dream.

We put a strategy together and prayed and then prayed some more. And every day we continue to pray as to how best serve our community. Our strategy was to partner with our schools, hogars, churches and anyone who wanted to help us. And it is working, wow is it working. We began with music lessons involving several different types of instruments i.e. drums, guitars etc. voice lessons, a Kids Zone, concerts in our parking lot, vacation bible schools and so much more. And the kids just keep coming. We started a Thursday night meeting for teen agers and over 25 of them came out weekly.  Continue reading “We have a Dream”

October trip 2014


Hello VFC Friends and Supporters, it is time to start thinking about coming to Chile this October. We need you to come and help us make a difference. We are presently supporting / ministering to over 500 children and young women on a daily basis. We will be continuing construction on the multi-purpose building and ministering on a daily basis. There is something for everyone to do Please review the attached flyer and ask God if He wants you to be involved. If you have questions, let me hear from you. We are praying that ” you ” will get involved.

God bless !

Cell 615 973 9837


team 2014 DSCF1778 P1080672

Team Update.

Tom Orme vfc

This is our first official Team Update:

Hello from the House of Hope. The team has all arrived and we are fully engaged in ministry and the construction of the multi-purpose building. Since this past Thursday we have been involved in a Vision for Children-Chile Board Meeting, a Volunteer workday on Saturday, a No Talent, Talent Concert and a wonderful Sunday morning worship service at the La Pintana Alliance church.
We are a team of six plus our wonderful intern from Minnesota. The Volunteer work day was awesome. We had 17 volunteers. Many of them were first timers to the House of Hope. They helped us to construct and to assist us in our micro-business. Their enthusiasm and work ethic was contagious. Please go to our facebook for great pictures of the work day and our no talent, talent show.

The only comment I will make about our talent show is a quote from one of our team members. “ I didn’t realize that I was going to fly 6000 miles to Chile to hear an Australian sing music from the Beatles “ And we did and we had fun. Thank you Grant and family and all of those that contributed. What a great night.

We are here to March 16th. We will do our best to keep you updated. Thank you for your prayers and support in making this trip possible God bless !





Matching Grant Update


Hey Friends and Family, it is Thursday Afternoon. As of this moment, we have received donations in the amount of $3,250. We praise God for the gifts and givers. We have about 36 hours to raise an additional $6,750. to receive the Matching Grant of $10,000. We need you ! Please help us out so that we can minister as God has called us to do. Please go to PayPal or send a check. If sending a check, e-mail me and let me know it is coming and the amount so we can count it as a part of the total. Thanks and God bless !

Director Tom Orme goes on Missionary Tour



Hey Friends, I have the unique opportunity of going on Missionary Tour for the C@MA in Minnesota for the next two weeks    [ September 7th through the 21st ] I pray that I will be able to deliver Gods message of being Salt and Light to a hurting and dying world to the churches that I am speaking to. Please pray for me and the churches that I will be visiting with. For more details, please review the below calendar. God bless !



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