Nido school here for week without walls.


Español We at the house of hope are blessed to have Nido school here for week without walls. This is the fifth year they have sent volunteers for construction and working with the kids at two local schools. We have 35 students from grades 9 through 12.
We are painting, pouring concrete, organizing our tools and inventory, building a sound proof wall for the drums classroom, and pressure washing the exterior of our buildings at the house of hope. We will be laying tile and doing a spring cleaning of the grounds tomorrow and Friday also. A big thank you to Nido school and the students and teachers they so graciously provide.

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Update Matching Gift!!!


Dear Friends, we have good news and some even better news ! Because of your prayers, love and  generosity we have been able to raise a total of $5,125.00 as of today October 25th. Do I hear an amen ? Remember our goal is $10,000.  Now for even better news, this loving generous church, San Marcos has extended the time period needed to raise these funds from October 30th until November 30th. This calls for another praise ! Thank you Jesus. For every dollar you donate they will match it with fifty cents up to a maximum of $5000. That is why it is so important for us to raise $10,000. so that we can receive their match of $5000.

Can you help us? Will you help us? Our ministry is growing and ministering to over 900 orphans and street kids. Go to our website and hit the Donate Button right now. Please donate by using either PayPal or Stewardship Technologies.  Thank you for all that you do for our ministry. May God bless you !


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Crown College Team Chile Update #1:

Hello friends and family,

First of all we would like to thank you all for your many prayers and support throughout our preparation, journey, and now ministry. After a very long period of traveling and desperately running through airports because we thought we were going to miss our plane, we arrived in Santiago Monday around nine in the morning. It was the first international flight for many on our team and I think as a whole we can say it was pretty rough. Tom, the Casa Esperanza (House of Hope) director and a young woman in residence, Nicole welcomed us with open arms at the airport and not much longer we arrived in the neighborhood of La Pintana. We met most of the amazing young women right away and even though each of us only know little of the others language, we make communication work quite well and we look forward to forming friendships with them in the days to pass. Also on our first day we took tours around the neighborhood and grounds to become familiar with the people and environment.


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We have a Dream


Dear VFC Family, have you ever had a dream about something you wanted so bad that you could hardly wait to see if your dream would come true? Well we had a dream in 2012. Our dream was to reach our community of La Pintana for Jesus Christ, one street kid at a time. Here we are three years later and we are overwhelmed with God’s answer to our dream.

We put a strategy together and prayed and then prayed some more. And every day we continue to pray as to how best serve our community. Our strategy was to partner with our schools, hogars, churches and anyone who wanted to help us. And it is working, wow is it working. We began with music lessons involving several different types of instruments i.e. drums, guitars etc. voice lessons, a Kids Zone, concerts in our parking lot, vacation bible schools and so much more. And the kids just keep coming. We started a Thursday night meeting for teen agers and over 25 of them came out weekly.  Continue reading “We have a Dream”