Team One First Update 10.2013


This is our first update to let you know that we have all arrived safely. Some came last week to get things ready and others arrived on Sunday and Monday. Our key phrase has always been “Be Flexible.” This has been especially important for those flying out of Nashville this year! It took Tom an extra day to get to Dallas while Hannah had to run from her arrival gate to her departure gate!

Our goal this trip is to finish the micro-business and training space. After one day, we have finished all of the wiring in the training room and half in the micro-business room! The interior door to the micro-business room and two other interior doors have been framed. Some of the second floor wiring runs through the ceiling of the micro-business. Much of the prep work is done for that! It looks as if we may be able to get the siding completed as well as the laundry.

During our devotional time, we are doing a study entitled “Radical” with the girls. It looks like it should be a good study. The food has been great (as always!). The girls are helping cook and are introducing us to more Chilean foods. It is good to hear the girls share with us using more English. Their English is improving better than our Spanish!

We ask for your continued prayers and praise God for the final tally of the matching gift challenge! Check out our website,, for more information!

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