October 2010 Trip – Team 2 – Update #2

House Of Hope girls

Caretakers House Under Construction

On Tuesday, the team finished up the framing and attaching the OSB sheathing to the porch. In the evening, Willie, Patti, their son Jacob and the girls from the House of Hope (Estefania, Lissette, Kathy, Katty and Daneilla), joined us for dinner. After dinner we had the opportunity to ask the girls, Willie, Patti and Jacob questions. We learned what the girls were studying at the university, what they enjoy doing in their free time, how they enjoy having a little “brother” around and how Jacob enjoys having a lot of big “sisters”, and how much it means for them to be at the House of Hope. Willie and Patti answered questions about working at the House of Hope as the caretaker, cook, etc., and it turns out that to them it is not a job, it is a ministry to God. They love what they do and they love the girls.

House Of Hope girls
Left to right: Estefania, Lissette, Kathy, Katty and Daneilla

Here is an update on those who have been feeling under the weather: Lee rejoined the workforce on Wednesday. Ryan needed an additional day to rest and rejoined the workforce on Thursday. Corey and John are not feeling well today. Pray that they will feel better soon.

Kerry worked the team hard on Wednesday. His goal was to get the roof completed (minus the shingles). Andreas, Caleb, Catherine, Corey, Dick, Kerry and Lee worked on the roof framing and attaching the OSB sheathing. Dennis was in charge of cutting the 2×6’s and OSB sheathing. Claire, Lissette and Andrew installed the facias for the roof. Debby and Diane were able to join in and help with miscellaneous tasks in the afternoon. The roof work was finished around 6:30 PM and because dinner was at 7 PM and we were to be guests at the House of Hope for dinner, we did not have time to walk back to the Hogar to shower. But they let us eat with them anyway! J Patti and the girls served us delicious lasagna, salad, homemade bread and peaches and cream. Since we had the opportunity to ask the girls questions on Tuesday night, it was now their turn to ask us questions. It was fun to find out why each of us choose to come to Chile and we enjoyed hearing about embarrassing moments some of us had experienced while on a Vision for Chile missions trip.

House of Hope caretakers house with roof
House of Hope caretakers house with roof

Today, we woke up to a light fog. By mid-morning the fog had disappeared. Our devotional this morning was about delighting ourselves in the Lord and the importance of doing our work for the Lord and not man. When we got to the job site, the team members began working on putting building wrap on the porch and finishing up some the interior framing. Tonight the team will be having dinner at a restaurant in downtown Santiago. We are continuing to enjoy warm springtime weather.

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