Team 1 – Update 3

Team 1 – Update 3  October 16-17:   Two full days of work, work, work!  Words cannot begin to describe what this small team has accomplished in the past nine days.  The second floor is completely floored, stairs are finished, and walls are going up!  In fact, we are amazed at what God is doing—having toContinue reading “Team 1 – Update 3”

Update from the Interns of Vision For Chile.

Hi, I’m Rachel from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hi, I’m Carrie from  Akron, Ohio. And we are both interns with Vision for Chile in Santiago, Chile.  For the six weeks that we have been interns here, we have gotten to be involved in several different ministries. One of which, is getting to know the girls living inContinue reading “Update from the Interns of Vision For Chile.”

Change the lives of La Pintana children.

“I am not beautiful, don’t lie to me”, she said to me. “No, Alicia, you really are beautiful, you are a child of the King. That makes you a princess.” Shaking her head, I gave her a hug and silently prayed for her in the back of the classroom. Five orphanages in La Pintana sendContinue reading “Change the lives of La Pintana children.”