Team 1 Final Update

Hello Friends and Family, Team One is now home and resting up from a great trip. They were awesome. In the final days before they left we had a No Talent, Talent show. Believe it or not we had some very good talent show up. It is hard to believe but we had some special signing from Tio Chocolateto and Lee Meier’s. Way to go guys. We also had a very interesting act put on by Bob Howen, It was so special we are still trying to figure out what he did and maybe why he did it ? But we love you Tio Bob. And then the House of Hope Girls put on a special act trying to imitate one of our morning meetings. That is hard to do but they did it well. Especially when Nicole played the part of Tio Bob. Wow ! What a fun time. We had Paul from Alaska or is it Iowa or is it Idaho [ it is one of those ] put on a special routine. Thanks Paul. And of special note we had Ann Marie play the part of a human pretzel and put her body in positions that made the rest of us hurt. If I tried that it would split me in two.

And then we had the real talent from Daniel and Jessica. Wow are they talented. Thanks guys for a great show.
The real reason for the party was to celebrate our first graduates, Damy and Cynthia. We are so proud of them. They are the first in their family to graduate from both high school and to obtain a higher education degree. Please pray for them as they are seeking God’s direction for their future.
On Saturday, the day the team departed for home, we had a volunteer day. It was San Marcos day. A local English speaking church that fully supports the House of Hope. That day we had 29 volunteers. Boy did we get a lot of work done. Thank you San Marcos.
On the construction side of our work, Team One was able to complete the electrical work, put on the building wrap in preparation for the siding, loaded all of the sheet rock into the new building [ thank you volunteers ] and get the engineering plans complete for our plumbing. The construction of the building is looking very good.

So we thank you Team One, Bob, Dick, Charlie, Sherrel, Hannah, Chip, Paul and Lee. Thank you for saying yes and thank you for serving. God bless you all !

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