Visit of United States Ambassador

For the presentation of our artistic academic year in the Pintana community center, we had the opportunity of having among our guests the ambassador of the United States in Chile, Mrs. Carol Z. Perez. As all those who attended, she was very happy to see the presentations of our students: piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice, violin, crafts. There was also a moment of sharing what our Foundation does in the area of social justice with a communitarian and ecological Christian point of view. Carolina gave a moving testimony of life with us during the past 2 years as she studied journalism. The reflection and appreciation were given by the Director Daniel Trujillo who recalled what Pastor Martin Luther King said: “It is always a good moment to do what is right.”

Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.


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Feliz Navidad!!!


Dear supporters of the House of Hope,

The end of the year is a great time to be able to not only look back at the year gone by but also to look forward to the coming year!  This past year has been one in which we saw more families, churches and businesses from Chile become involved in our work in La Pintana.  We have also seen the number of ways we are working increase.  We are changing lives of children, teenagers and young ladies only because of your help and support.  Thank you so much!

I was wearing a House of Hope shirt this past month when a woman ran up to me to tell me that she was from Chile.  I had the opportunity to tell her of our work there.  What was interesting was the look on her face when I said that our work was in La Pintana.  She was fully aware of the great needs there but had problems comprehending going there to meet those needs.  Each year as the number of workers increase, we become more aware of other ways in which we can make a difference in our community. Continue reading “Feliz Navidad!!!”

Matching Gift!!!!



Dear Friends, God is blessing our ministry and we are growing and He is providing us with an opportunity to meet the financial needs of that growth. Please continue to read the below communication and pray about how you can help!


Your Donation Can Grow by 50%!

The San Marcos Church in Santiago, Chile has been supporting the House of Hope for many years.  This year, San Marcos Church has once again challenged their congregation to donate towards the October work project at the House of Hope.  In addition, the church itself will make a matching gift of 50% of all the members’ designated gifts received by October 30th!  On top of that donation, the church will also make a matching gift of 50% of all gifts designated for the October work project made by everyone who donates – even those in the United States and any other country!  SO, if you donate $1,000 by October 30th, San Marcos will donate $500!  There is a cap of $5,000 from San Marcos.  To reach this cap, we need $10,000 donated between now and October 30th. Continue reading “Matching Gift!!!!”

VIDEO Update “We need your help”


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House of Hope Update from Amanda

Amanda Grengs


Week 1-

It was a quick adjustment to get settled into House of Hope and feel apart of the family.Week one in Chile was settling into my schedule and figuring out my role in helping outat the schools, hogare, and the house of hope ministry. It has been great getting to knowthe kids and see their eagerness to learn, their questions are endless. Some of the kids atthe school also come to Hope Community on Wednesday nights and they also come on Saturday. Many of these kids come from tough backgrounds and this is a chance for them to just be a kid and have fun while also learning about who Jesus Christ is. One of my highlights so far is worshipping in the churches here in Spanish and building relationships even though there is a language barrier, it is a true testament that love does not have barriers. Continue reading “House of Hope Update from Amanda”