Liliana returns for her internship at Casa Esperanza!

We are so excited to have again Liliana Alarcon at Casa Esperanza! She brings so much joy and energy to the house. It has been a blessing to see her spiritual growth. She is doing her internship as Assistant preschool teacher. Pray for her and her life as she finishes strong her internship in theseContinue reading “Liliana returns for her internship at Casa Esperanza!”

Elijah’s intercultural experience at Casa Esperanza

Elijah Dahunsi is one of the students of Ford Bend Christian Academy. He shares about how God called him to Chile and serve at Casa Esperanza and after this experience he wants to come back and serve again. Elijah shares us his experience: Tell us how you heard about Casa Esperanza. I knew about Casa EsperanzaContinue reading “Elijah’s intercultural experience at Casa Esperanza”

Powerful talk with Kelly Galatoire   

Powerful talk with Kelly Galatoire- Secretary of Directors of Vision for Children Kelley Galatoire is the Secretary of Directors of Vision for Children, USA. She has four beautiful children. She has been involved in the ministry since 2011. She has come to serve at Casa Esperanza  with the students of Ford Bend Christian Academy andContinue reading “Powerful talk with Kelly Galatoire   “