Official House of Hope Team Update 2, 3 & 4


Did you ever notice that time flies when you are having fun ! Well we are having fun ! It has been an awesome trip so far.

During our first full week the House of Hope conducted a three day VBS for the kids from the La Pintana area. We averaged about 75 kids per day. It was amazing to see how the team turned into biblical characters and animals. Some of us were sheep [Bob, Lee and Tom] One was a Sheppard   [Chris]  Some were super heros ! Bob & Nicole.  I think they really thought they were super heros ? While one was very special and played Jesus. [it is obvious who player Jesus, correct ?]Two played the prodigal son and his father [Lee and Bob] and one was awesome as a donkey, of course this was Chris. The girls did a great job at running the VBS, from the music, singing, skits, bible classes to the snacks it was well done. Thank you ladies !

On Saturday we held our second volunteer work day. And wow was it ever a great day. We had 66 volunteers show up and they came to work at both the construction of our new multipurpose building and our micro-business. Kerry and Alicia were thrilled with all of the help. Please view the attached video from Bob H. to share what work has been accomplished. However we need to thank all of our volunteers from the San, Marcos church, the Santiago Community Church Nido, InterNations and the HOH girls and staff. And anyone else that I may have missed. Thank you ! Thank you & Thank you !


If you are wondering why this update is slow in coming, you need to see the facebooks of Casa Esperanza / House of Hope and Chris Teien [ he will be your friend ] They are giving updates daily as to what is going on and posting great photos.

Our esteemed Construction Leader Kerry Mitras came and went after only a week. However much was accomplished while he was here. Kerry had to return to New York to work on a future House of Hope. Details to follow later. Thank you Kerry for all you do for and for your leadership. We all appreciate you [especially Bob H.]


One of the main ingredients in the success of a short term mission trip is the cook. And we have with us one of our best ever. Deb H. is awesome! Every meal is well planned and great to eat. Team members may have a lot to complain about but not the food. Thank you Debbie and HOH girls for keeping us well fed.

Hopefully there will be at least one more update. Keep us in prayer and pray about coming out in October as a team member. We need all of you! God bless!



Prayer requests – House of Hope


Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus. This note is to let you know the prayer requests from the girls in House of Hope, we need you pray.

1. CLAUDIA Gutiérrez: (3rd year Nursing Technician)
For her mother that she might fix her family situation and for her spiritual life.
For her studies that she might pass mathematics and her professional practicum.

2. NICOLE Reyes: (4th Year Elementary Education with mention in English)
For her family (Father, mother, sister and 7-year-old niece) that they may know the Lord.
For the health of her study companion Romina who has hypocalcemia.
For her friend Catalina that she may begin her studies (Her career is on hold).
That it will be a good year at the university and that she will pass all her courses.

3. ESTEFANÍA Layseca: (4th. Year Elementary Education with mention in English)
That her boyfriend Cristian may know the Lord.
That she do well in the University and improve her spoken English.
That the plans she has put before the Lord will be realized according to God’s will.

4. IVETTE Layseca: (3rd year Psychopedagogy)
For her studies in the university that she will do well and that the Lord will supply all her economic needs.
For her family (father and mother) that the Lord will work in their economic needs and open doors for her father to work.

5. LISSETTE Levinao: (1st year Tourism with mention in Tourism Businesses)
That the work in VBS with the children will be effective and they will be motivated to participate in the ZONE KIDS beginning March 15 and also for the workshops during the week.
That all will go well in her home and that her mother will receive Christ in her heart.

6. ALICIA Lloyd: (Volunteer from USA, she came to work in the micro business)
That the Lord will give her wisdom in the work in the micro-business and wisdom as to how to work with the girls in House of Hope with success.

7. LILIANA Alarcón (High School)
That she will get the visa and be able to travel to the United States to see her children and that she will be in family court before May 15.

8. BERTA Levinao: (Nursing Technician with mention in Pediatrics – 3rd year)
For her practicum, her exams and her graduation this year, that the Lord will give her intelligence and renewed strength and that all will go well.

Many blessings,

Cecilia Camacho
Casa Esperanza
Vision for Children

Vacation Bible School Linares


Hello!  For this week, the House of Hope is in Linares (about three hours south of Santiago-Chile) doing a week-long Vacation Bible School in the rural CMA school Enrique Weiss.

Our goal is to teach the kids about Jesus Christ while teaching them basic English.  The HoH girls have done all the planning and are in charge of leading group activities, the English classes, and the Christian Values classes.  Daniel and Jessica are here as a support for the girls while Diane, the intern, is coordinating the VBS.  Today was our first day and we focused on RESPECT (1 Peter 2:17 Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.)

We’ve been to the pool twice already and this evening we went downtown to see Linares and have some ice cream.  It has been a great time so far with the kids and for the girls at the HoH.  We have had time to spend together serving God, enjoying His creation, and having times of devotionals and prayer.  Please keep us in your prayers – for the kids coming to the VBS and for us, the HoH.  We will try and keep you updated!  Thank you!

Hoh family

More Photos here






What are you doing in February?









Dear Friends, Family and Fellow prior VFC Team Members,

Please find our flyer promoting our February 2012 trip to Santiago Chile working with both the Hogar and House of Hope. We would love to have you as a part of our team. Please pray about this and if God is calling you to go, please complete an application, liability form and send the same to me no later than January 1st, 2012.

Please note this trip is designed for all ages of team members to go. Both male and female.

We are doing some construction along with VBS and ESL [ English as a second language ] We need you !

If you have further questions, please give me a call at 615.973.0837. I am looking forward to hearing from you.