2015 Mission Trip Update Number # 1

This is our first update. Our goal is to keep you informed as to what we are doing in both the areas of construction and ministry. We are a small team but a very experienced one. We all arrived into Santiago over the past several days. We all arrived safely and on time. Our newestContinue reading “2015 Mission Trip Update Number # 1”

Why do I keep coming to Chile?

I traveled to Chile for the first time in 2007 as a member of one of the largest short-term mission teams (50+ people) ever to volunteer to help Vision For Children.  I found working with other Christians to help make much needed improvements to the buildings at the hogar (orphanage) in LaPintana to be bothContinue reading “Why do I keep coming to Chile?”

Breanna – I am an intern at the House of Hope

Hello!  My name is Breanna and I’m an intern at the House of Hope.  I arrived on June 19 and I’ll be here until December 9th, living here in the HOH with several amazing young women.  As a Youth and Social Ministry major at Crown College, this six month internship is an incredible opportunity for GodContinue reading “Breanna – I am an intern at the House of Hope”

Our fourth year at the House of Hope!

This is our fourth year at the House of Hope!  I must admit that what I had envisioned is not exactly what is happening.  I expected that we would be absolutely full and planning on additional House of Hopes.  We can provide shelter, food and an education but it is harder to defeat the demonsContinue reading “Our fourth year at the House of Hope!”