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VFC Family,

As our two October teams are getting ready to leave for Santiago in just a little over a week, we are making all our final preparations to prepare for the big month of construction we have ahead at The House of Hope.  We’re looking forward to adding new rooms so that more girls can be nurtured as they grow into amazing women that fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. We’ll also be adding a space for their micro business Accesorios Esperanza where they are getting hands-on experience in the intricacies of running an organization; lessons they will be able to use for many years to come.  It’s an exciting time of growth and rejoicing in what the Lord is doing! 

As we draw close to our departure, we’ve encountered a hurdle.  We know these additions will be beautiful and well utilized – but as things currently stand the vision is missing something that we need your help with – windows, doors, flooring and walls!  Can you imagine?

Casa esperanza 2009

God has graciously provided a way – as He always does! An anonymous VFC friend has offered a $10,000 gift with the condition that we obtain a matching amount before we leave for Chile (October 4th)! With your gift, the gift of other VFC friends and family, and this matching $10,000 we will have the funds for our construction work teams to build. So will you help us reach this goal?  Can you help us buy a door for $250? A piece of sheet rock for the walls for $10? A window for $300?  A square foot piece of floor tile for $2?  Every gift helps. Together, we can see this beautiful vision come to fruition!! 

You can give here or here by notating “$10K Matching Gift” in the comment section, or you can send us a check written to Vision for Chile at  1176 Olde Cameron Lane, Franklin, TN 37067.  If you send a check, will you also send us an email so we can be sure it counts towards our $10,000 goal? 

Thank you for your continued support and your prayers as we work to build Hope in Santiago in Christ’s name.

-Tom Orme



Be a part of what’s happening in Chile today by building Hope from right where you are! (Matching Gift Opportunity)

Director Tom Orme goes on Missionary Tour



Hey Friends, I have the unique opportunity of going on Missionary Tour for the C@MA in Minnesota for the next two weeks    [ September 7th through the 21st ] I pray that I will be able to deliver Gods message of being Salt and Light to a hurting and dying world to the churches that I am speaking to. Please pray for me and the churches that I will be visiting with. For more details, please review the below calendar. God bless !



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Another new year begins for the House of Hope!

Wow!  I can’t believe that the House of Hope is preparing to celebrate its third birthday this month. I can remember when it was only a dream, a prayer request. Thank you Lord for answered prayer. Thank you Lord for meeting our needs. Thank you Lord for a dedicated staff that has worked so hard to prepare the young women of the House of Hope to serve the Lord and lead an independent life. Thank you Lord for each of the young women who are at the HoH and for those that have come and gone. Thank you Lord for “all “of our supporters, who have prayed for us, served with us and have sacrificially given of their finances so that the HoH can operate month to month. Thank you for the awesome interns that you have sent to us. They have made such a difference to our ministry!

As the Founder and Director of Vision for Chile / House of Hope, I am in awe at what the Lord has done. I just want to say with a humble heart, Thank you Lord! Happy Birthday House of Hope!

        Tom Orme, Executive Director. Vision for Chile              

Another new year begins for the House of Hope!  I wish that all of you could have been there for the ribbon cutting, dedication ceremony and the pledge that each of the girls made that very first day.  I went down to represent the Advisory Board of Vision for Chile.  There have been growing pains and things that have not gone as we anticipated.  We North Americans sometimes have problems understanding the Chilean culture (as they have problems understanding us)!  We have had girls become the first in their families to complete high school!  We are preparing for our first graduate with a degree beyond high school!

I am so excited about what God has in store for the House of Hope in the years to come!  October will see the near completion of the expanded dormitory, micro-business and training space.  The number of volunteers working with the House of Hope as grown exponentially!

I am also excited about the progress that is being made on the new Vision for Children!  Same ministry, expanded vision!  God is really working!  Come join us in October, February or both!

Bob Howen, President, Vision for Children

Thank you so much for the greetings and kind wishes.  We thank God because He is over all things and our ministry is based on Christ.  We thank everyone: all friends, families, churches, companies that make sacrifices with us and believe that education can change the future of our young women and that God is the perfect balance.  This third anniversary gives us more strength to continue advancing in our main objective which is to show Christ’s light by means of education and give hope to more young women in the near future.  Continue praying for us, for those who are leading the ministry, for the current and future young women who have taken the difficult path of fighting against the current of “normal” statistics of our reality in La Pintana – Chile, which is the lack of education (only about 30% finish high school), the situation of extreme poverty, violence, and addictions.  On this difficult path we try to encourage them with love, discipline, and perseverance.  We know that they can overcome this, be resilient in this very conflictive environment, and lastly be a support to the society by most importantly being another light and witness of peace.

        Daniel Trujillo, Executive Director NGO Vision por Chile  






Vision for Chile depends on your involvement!

There are many ways you can be involved with helping the girls through Vision For Chile.  Whether it’s a donation to the House of Hope, joining us and GO to Chile on a work team, or sponsoring a girl – Vision for Chile depends on the generosity of her supporters time and resources.


Make a secure online donation

Sponsor a Girl 

Internship Program

Take a Vacation

Attend our Annual Fundraiser

Contact us for more information!

October 2013 trip.


Dear Friends and Family of Vision for Chile / House of Hope, please find attached our flier promoting our October 2013 trip.

It is hot of the press. If you want / need we will send you glossy copies to pass out. Just let me know how many you need. We need you this year. We need two teams of 15 each to be able to complete our new building. The good news is the House of Hope is now full of young women hoping / praying for a better future. The new building will house 20 more young women. We must complete the building in October to prepare for new young women in March of 2014.

Please pray about how you can be involved. Please come and be a part of our ministry to over 500 young people in La Pintana Chile. We are committed to reaching our community for Jesus Christ. If you can’t come, send someone ! If you can’t help send someone, please send us a financial gift to help us raise funds for the construction materials donate.

Please help us promote this trip to all of your friends, family and church. I hope to see you in Chile in October !


Contact Tom Orme
Director of Vision For Chile

615-599-4208 office



01) HERE.

02) HERE

03) HERE

February Missions Trip


It just dawned on me that the February Missions Trip begins in only three weeks!  So far we have a small team but great plans.  Last October we were able to turn a mostly-finished concrete slab into a two-story building with a metal roof!  Of course, there are only stud walls and no plumbing, electric, windows or siding!  We will see what we can get accomplished.  We would like to have two Saturdays of volunteers come and join us which, during last October, did not quite multiply our team size by 10!  Volunteers are great—we love them all.

Do you have anything planned for February 23rd through March 10th? We would love to have you join us!  Tired of the winter weather where you are???  Let me tell you a little secret: The weather in Santiago is absolutely great in February and March.  Looking at The Weather Channel, the next seven days, La Pintana has forecast highs of 82 to 89 degrees and lows of 56 to 59 degrees.  The chance of rain is 0%!  Call Tom Orme as soon as possible and let him know that you can come!  Yes, we are planning on working on the building but we also are planning time to minister to the girls of the House of Hope and the children in the neighborhood. (Think of Tom and Bob in animal costumes—yes, it happened last year!)

Can’t make it at this late notice?  How would you like to donate to help provide the building materials?  Right now we are estimating around $6,000 for siding and $12,000 for electric.  Windows, drywall, paint and plumbing supplies will all need to be purchased.  However, only part of the building is critical to finish at this time–the space for the micro-business and a training area.

Link page Micro-business

Once we begin the siding, it is best to purchase all of it even if it is not completed until the October 2013 teams come.  If you are sending a check, let Tom Orme know.  It will really encourage him!

Can’t donate?  We need prayer warriors!  Let Tom Orme know that you will be praying for us daily!


Now, I need to start my list of things to bring to Chile.  Shorts, sun screen, swim suit and broad-brimmed hat are going to be on the top of my list!  Oh, yes, maybe I’d better pack some tools, too!

Bob Howen